A... familiar? Face (Intro | Open)


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    A... familiar? Face (Intro | Open)

    Post by Scinis on 8th November 2018, 11:15 am

    (Note, this intro won’t be the parasite actually “joining the guild,” but rather inhabiting a host that is already a part of the guild. This idea was already cleared by Mythica, so that’s what I’m going with)

    It was night. Walking through the hallways of skull decor and horrifying imagery was Cynthia Link, a member of the guild of chaos. No one around her was worthy of her stare, as she continued to walk with her head up and simple smirk. Today was a good day, it was a rather fun one. She made a few mere worms squirm under her boot, both literally and figuratively, just a few hours ago. It was their fault for even thinking of bumping into her. Bah! Don’t those imbeciles know who she is? She was a proud member of this here guild, and a goddess amongst men! At least, that was what she deserved to be considered. Despite being 100% human, she kept this notion that she was some holy being that stands above all else.

    Underneath the floorboards, the creature waited for its victim. The mass of flesh and bones simply stared up, through the cracks, waiting for someone to walk above it. After what seemed like hours of waiting, it saw a girl. A violet-haired girl who didn’t seem to be focused on her surroundings. This was a perfect target, since the last body it had was a lot more aware, and fought it off for a bit, until being inhabited. That caused quite a bit of damage that the creature didn’t want to replicate. So, it began its plan, and began to move slightly to the right, shifting ever so slowly, until it reached the edge of the space, then it creeped up through the floorboards. A mass of flesh extended towards the girl with her head up, and then stopped in its path. The woman stepped on it, and froze.

    Suddenly, the floor seemed a lot squishier than normal. Taking her head from its upward position and looking down, the girl winced a bit to find whatever this pool of… goo? Flesh? What was it? Was. It seemed to be a trail of sorts, so Cynthia followed it. It led to one of the walls, and then went underneath the floorboards.

    ”What in the… Huh?”

    It almost happened instantaneously, but her leg was entrapped by the mass of flesh and such. From the floorboards lunged a larger mass of whatever it was, which immediately attached itself onto her torso. It steadily began crawling its way up her body, while Cynthia struggled immensly against it. She screamed and struggled.

    ”Unhand me, foul miscreation! Someone, release me from this.. THING!”

    She continued to struggle, until the creature, in a grotesque fashion, finally reached her face. It wrapped around it, beginning to suffocate its victim, while she tried ripping the mass of flesh off of her, unsuccessfully. The mass of flesh then began to steadily shrink, save for the mass around her face which clung to it like glue, and as it shrank it made its way into the violet-haired girl’s mouth. Bit by bit, and down into her throat, until eventually what was wrapped around her face vanished as well. Instantly, the girl clutched her stomach, she doubled over and fell to the ground, writhing in pain. She shrieked loudly, her voice echoing through the hallways of the guild while she tossed and turned like a toddler during a tantrum. Eventually, she completely stopped moving, and closed her eyes. Once they opened, the color changed completely. The whites of her eyes were now black, much like the creature she saw prior, and the violet changed red. Her hair began to change to a white color, from the dark violet it once was, and her body seemed to mutate on the spot. Red and black markings appeared on her neck up to part of her face, and went all the way down to her legs. She lay there completely motionless, for around 3 whole minutes until the body began to stand up.

    Standing up was difficult, as the new mind inside this body had to acclimate to its new possession. It looked more akin to a toddler trying to stand up, grasping at the wall for leverage, gasping heavily, and even clawing at the wall until its fingernails broke and the tips of its fingers bled. It didn’t feel any of it, however, as the shock of a new body didn’t even set off its pain receptors yet, that would take a bit more time to accustom. After a little bit of time, the body was finally standing, not even focused on its surroundings, or who was around it - her, as it soon noticed. It was technically, as humans refer to it, a “her.” Memories flooded into its banks. Its - her name, Cynthia? That was a strange one, but the parasite infecting Ms. “Cynthia” didn’t care for it. Names didn’t matter, and most called it something else anyways. Scinis, a parasite with an unknown nature to doctors. All they know is whoever gets infected by it eventually ends up dead, with no trace of the parasite. The same would happen to Cynthia, at least if the body she had wasn’t good enough for it. The next memory was of a family, a childhood, then teenaged years. Plenty of things that could be useful later, but at the moment didn’t matter. It wanted to know what this place was. Who these people were that were staring at it now.

    Then, the memory came to. This place was Nightmare, a guild of mages. Cynthia was a member of this guild, which was good for the creature inhabiting her body. More people that this body are aligned with means more people to defen-

    The parasite’s mind suddenly jolted, and the head of its host erupted with pain. This happened every time it inhabited a body. It would have its own agenda of simple survival and life, but then this. The body’s subconscious would be imposed onto it, and personality traits seemed to soak in without warning. It wanted people to defend it - no, it wanted people to grovel before it. It wanted survival - no, it wanted a challenge. Everything it set its sights on were being warped, although not fully. It did still want survival, but in another, better body. Someone worthy of it! This shell will be temporary, as its power would prove to be unimaginable, but if anyone else could kill this body, it’d find something much, much better…


    The sound was muttered, almost like a whisper. This was the place it’d be, for a long long time. So, better to get to know the people around it. Not many memories were coming up of them. Perhaps Cynthia didn't befriend many?


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