Fairy Tail Productions: Seeking Royal Investors (Job)


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    Fairy Tail Productions: Seeking Royal Investors (Job)

    Post by SeaGlass on 5th November 2018, 9:27 pm

    Back in the Flower Capitol, Crocus, Arcadia hadn't been here since her last delivery job for the Boomslang nightclub. This time she was in town for her own reasons. It was all well and good to conduct no-budget projects on her iLac, and post them around various places on lacrima-net. To do the kind of projects she could daydream about now, with the best acting talent and most realistic illusions, she would need some serious jewel.

    Arcadia realized she could ask the guild for a loan, but she figured Master Sorano and the rest of her guildmates would be more impressed if she could find a way to finance one of these bigger projects without risking Fairy Tail's own finances. That meant finding investors, willing to risk their jewel in return for a small share of any potential future profit.

    The pale blonde slayer figured she might as well start at the top of all potential investors in Fiore, the Royal family. Half the trouble would be getting in to see king or princess. So far, Arcadia had no luck arranging a meeting through various calls she'd made via her little blue iLac. There was one more avenue, the little blonde slayer had in mind. She had earned herself a decent reputation with the Rune Knights from past jobs with them, like serving as target practice for recruits or saving one captain from an assassination plot. That captain may not have a direct tie to the Royals, but she believed he might know someone who did.

    Her current condition of appearing 5 years old would complicate matters. Arcadia's search for answers into its cause was on hold, but she still hoped others who suffered the same might be able to help. Meanwhile her current appearance had complicated every aspect of her life dealing with the public. That is why after arriving in Crocus, Arcadia used her secret dragon slayer art of Misty Puppets, to create a puppet of her normal 14 year old self to wear as a disguise.

    Her voice would still sound extra young, but she could worry about that once she got into the palace. Arcadia decided it was a little too late to go meet her Rune Knight captain friend, so she she sought out, and rented a room for the night. Once alone in her room, she let her magical disguise fade away into tendrils of the icy mist she'd formed it from. Little Arcadia opened up the doors that lead out to her room's balcony. The third story view was beautiful at night with the lights of Mercurius twinkling not too far off in the distance. She couldn't help but think how pretty a place Crocus would be to shoot a movie lacrima.

    Arcadia was getting ahead of herself, any movie lacrima would eat up jewel fast. That was another angle to consider, if she couldn't convince the Royals to part with an investment of jewel, maybe she could convince them to get local businesses to give Fairy Tail discounts while production was in progress. The young pale blonde slayer had a long day ahead of her, so she didn't stay out admiring the night view of the city too long. She bid Crocus good night, and got herself to bed.

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