Musical Enchantment (Baird's B exam)


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    Musical Enchantment (Baird's B exam)

    Post by Baird on 6th September 2018, 9:04 pm

    Baird Yuzill
    Music Is The Color to Life.
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    Baird got himself a spy in the Rune Knights, and took out a Major and a few members of the Magic Council on his own, as well as a few other minor Knights. Of course the crazy had fun ^^
    The musician takes a deep breath as he decides to look around the capital in what could be seen as a black leather biker outfit, fit with a matching studded hat  upon his head. While normally yes, he wouldn't bother with his guild mark being on his left cheek, he decided that for once he'd play it safe and have his guild mark covered over with a large, square, bandaid to keep others from seeing it as he walked out into the center of the square, mainly because he was in Era and didn't want to be hijacked by any Rune Knights immediately as he came into view of the city. Of course he knew the bandaid wouldn't last too long if he was enjoying himself a tad too much. He wanted to play some music once again, and what better way to do so than to go to a rather populated area? A grin was on his face as he brought out a golden flute and people already started to look at him to see what he was going to do. He pouts a little as he didn't see anything of interest around the town square, maybe a source of money, but that didn't seem all that interesting to him at the moment. His greenish blue eyes glance around as he grins softly to himself.

    He put his flute to his lips and starts to walk a bit while he played a whimsical tune, completely different from his usual taste. It sounded delightful still, coming from the musician who played music since he was a young thing. Baird closes his eyes for a moment as he found himself getting closer to the center of the city where the Magic Council Head Quarters was. Was he being foolish? Probably. But this was for his amusement anyways. And he had a secret weapon up his sleeve. The closer he got to the HQ, the more giddy he started to get on the inside, and his eyes grew wide with excitement. Where he had decided to stop, he had noted that there were a group of rune knight nearby, as well as a bar where it seemed some of the Rune Knights quite often frequented on their down time. He continued to play, quickly tipping off his hat and tossing it at the ground in front of his feet. Play it innocent for now. A few Rune Knights passed by him as he played, not paying him any mind as they simply saw him having a bandaid on his cheek and not thinking anything of it. People started to slightly come and watch him play as he gave them rather alluring eyes for a moment. A few females seemed to swoon over him as he winked delicately at them, but it didn't amuse him like it had to a certain someone he had come in contact with before. The thought of their encounter made him feel giddy as he grinned to himself while he continued to play his song. As it came to an end, he bowed a moment and glanced around the area. He only received just a few jewels from playing, and that didn't seem to bother him much. He pocketed the jewels and walked into the bar. There had to be something of interest in there.

    As soon as Baird walks into the bar, he's hit with the smell of alcohol, and he chuckles. He went over to sit down near the wall and asked for a pint of ale while he leaned back in his chair. His eyes combed the area as he saw someone in the corner looking rather down man whom could be easy picking. As soon as his ale came, he picked it up and went over to the man sitting in the corner. "Hey! How are you buddy? You seem rather down..." He noticed the bag on this guys side had the Rune Knight symbol, and he raised an eyebrow. "You a Rune Knight?" He couldn't help but question before taking a sip of his drink.

    The man looked maybe a few years older than Baird, and looked up from his drink lazily. "I'm getting tired of these damn orders... I kinda want to quit... or someone to do something to the Knights... they're hard asses and..." Baird reached over and covers the guys mouth for a moment.

    "I don't think you should be saying anything like that in here..." His eyes go over to the side as a couple of other Rune Knights come in dressed in their uniforms. The man nods and Baird quickly downs his drink. Bad idea. He could feel the alcohol already taking effect. "How about we go out for a walk, and talk, more privacy." He says and nods as he starts to get up. The man slowly nods and follows him a bit. How was it so easily for Baird to get this guy to be hooked on him and comply with him without knowing him. "Name's Baird by the way, you?"


    "Really? Wow. Such a plain name." He snorts as he shakes his head. He actually really didn't care for the guys name, but if he could be useful to him, he might be able to remember it. When they were out of the bar and walking a distance away from any other Rune Knight, Baird looks to him and raised an eyebrow before throwing his arm around the guys shoulder. "So what's up with your job? Don't like your boss or something?" He chuckles quietly to himself as he twirls his flute in his hand like a baton. Theo seemed a tad nervous and flinched at that. Baird had hit it right on the nose. "Ah... well... how about this... since I bet you don't want to get your hands dirty... I could help you out... Get me a uniform and tell me who your big boss is... and I could... talk... to him." A rather toothy grin was starting to form on his mouth. "I can make it straight where he can't be such a hard ass on you anymore." He winks to the guy as he had brought his face close to his. His grin never left his face as he cocked an eyebrow. "What do you say? We're buddies right? The only compensation I require from you... is information. With your help, we can probably fix up the Magic Council and the Rune Knights together. You can keep your hands clean, I'll do the dirty work, hm? Sound good?" He muses and found himself slightly putting his nose on the others cheek, and the warmth coming off of him. Theo was flushing in embarrassment from the closeness, and it only made Baird smirk wider. "Maybe I can do a bit extra as compensation as well." He murmurs while reaching a hand up to lightly wrap a lock of the guys hair around his finger.

    The nervous guy swallows his spit hard as he nods rather quickly to the green haired man, making him laugh and kiss his cheek. "I'll be getting back on my shift in just a couple hours... I can go in now and find you a uniform that could fit you... Then get you a location of the the Major." He nods shyly as Baird retracts his arms and smirks.


    -- A Few Hours Later --

    Baird was dressed up as a Rune Knight, and absolutely hated every little second of it. His bandage was still on his cheek over his guild mark. He was walking around the Magic Council's Head Quarters as if it was his home. In truth, Theo gave him a rather good map of the place, especially after Baird... pleased him as prepayment, and he was able to use it to his advantage. Theo was also all too happy to gave him the information of what the Rune Knight looked like, as well as the whereabout of his boss would be for a while. It so happened that he was conveniently in the conference room with the rest of the Magic Council. Made things easier for him. "Charge in. Do the thing. Poof out." He muses to himself as he reaches the door to the conference room. He gives a sweet smile to the Knight by the door, then goes in quietly, acting as if he had something to report to them. His observations of how the Rune Knights acted when on duty helped him rather well now.

    Theo's boss, Jackson Peregrine, was standing at the other end of the room, standing at attention as he observed the conversation going on between the old geezers who made up the Magic Council. Peregrine didn't have much room to be considered an old geezer either, he was greying in his hair. The Nightmare mage smirked internally as he started walking around the table, staying near the wall to not be a 'bother' to go up to the Major. "Hello, sir." He says to get the mans attention, he just glances over to the man, and was slightly surprised that he was a few inches taller than him.

    Major Peregrine raises an eyebrow to him as he replied in a gruff voice, "Is something wrong?"

    "Yeah... You've been a pain in someone's ass, and I'm bored." The musician says, trying hard not to snicker, under his monkey cape he had on, he was already preparing a spell. Theo had mentioned that nothing really ever got into the Magic Council room from the outside. It was usually over protected by magic barriers and the like apparently, so inside was typically just a smidge looser on protection, so the Major wasn't fully protected by much armor. Baird's comment had confused the Major before a click was suddenly heard and he swung out his sword from his flute and quickly jabbed in the heart by it. He yanked it up before he quickly launched an attack one of the members of the Magic Council before they started to aim their magic at him. He saw the head rolling on the ground before he had looked up. One against a good few? Hah. This could be nothing to him as he summoned Poseidon. His favorite lute that was beautifully sea themed. He begun playing it in a quick pace, making water shoot out as millions of tiny needles and blast a few people as he snickers. The blood he was garnishing seemed like it was such a delightful scene. His eyes were wide with excitement as he was letting out a rather crazed laugh at his destruction.

    Soon, a few Rune Knights started coming in baring their weapons and magical ones, firing off at him. A snicker came from Baird as he allowed one of the fire balls fly past his left cheek, burning off the bandaid to allow them all to see that he was a member of Nightmare. "Ello lovelies! Come to join my party?!" He cackles to them while strumming harder and raining down his needles harder on them. He glances to the side as he noticed a Rune Knight coming at the side and he changed his music, the water instantly covering him without drowning him, acting like a shield just as a lightning strike was shot at him, and he simply snickers as the water only seemed to slightly be affected by it. "Can you guys be any more boring?" He says as more attacked his water shield before it burst. He knew he couldn't attack them all on his own just yet and would probably be attacked without mercy, but he didn't care. A grin was on his face as he winks to the door, noticing someone there that was among the crowd of Rune Knights attacking him. Baird was well aware that he was weakening, but he continued to play his lute to throw around needles till he was blasted by a combination of fire and lightning by a couple members of the Magic Council he knew he hadn't taken down. How many did he get now? Four? Five? A good few at least. Plus that Rune Knight.

    He cackles as he smacked into the wall. Too bad it wouldn't be so easy next time to come into the Head Quarters. They knew his face now. "Bye lovelies!" He snickers as he purposely throws himself into a fireball, allowing it to burn him. Of course he knew he couldn't die for real, and still had his flute out as soon as they tried to stop their magic. He let his lute go, and was prepared to let his flute go as well as he purposely went for his head and ran the knife over his throat. He had no fear of dying. He was aware he'd be reborn at the guild hall once again from his adventures.

    -- Back at the Guild --

    When Baird awakens in the pool of blood, he lets up a groan and shakes his head, trying to get off the blood from him as he emerges from the pool. "That was exhausting..." He groans as he was feeling bored all over again. Maybe he could go on a trip or something with one of his guild members he enjoyed to play around with. Or do something more enjoyable, like compose some more while on a job.

    Honed Flute of Night:
    Name: Honed Flute of Night
    Rank: C
    Type: Illusion, Requip, Area of Effect, Effect – Sleep
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Description: Honed Flute of Night is a golden flute that can play harmonious music to anyone’s ear. Of course, with most of the instruments, there is a catch to the beautiful flute that is before it. It is also a sword. To cast it, the mage must call out the name of the instrument and hold their hand out to be able to hold it as soon as it’s in their grasp.

    Passive: At the foot of the flute is an extra section to it. The extra section can be removed and reveals to be that of a sword that can naturally deal rank melee damage.

    Active: When the sword isn’t out (or when it is, just not being used), and the user plays an eerie song, anyone within a 50 meter range will start to fall asleep right there on the spot for 1 post, oblivious to whatever is around them. The cooldown is for 3 posts.

    ~ Can cut
    ~ Can put others to sleep

    ~ Can be blocked as a sword with other weapons
    ~ Sword can be knocked out of the users’ hand
    ~ Flute itself can be knocked out of the users’ hands

    Name: Poseidon
    Rank: C+
    Type: ReQuip, Water, Offensive, Area of Effect
    Duration: 5 Posts
    Cooldown: 7 Posts
    Description: Poseidon is a golden lute that has a shell shape to it, as well as a large shell on the back. The nose of the lute has a carving of a woman’s head that faces out towards everyone. To cast it, the mage must call out the name of the instrument and hold their hand out to be able to hold it as soon as it’s in their grasp.

    Passive: Without doing anything special to the lute, the backside of it is quite sturdy, sturdy enough to be used as a mace. The shell on the back will grow on its own to cover the backside, as well as cover the front with a second one molding over the front to be used effectively. This deals rank melee damage plus .5 C+ rank spell damage as is.

    Active: When the lute is played, water will start swarming around the player to be at their command. The water will whip around the user and go to attack enemies that the mage deems as such. The water will act like an extended giant hand that goes up to 80 meters. The water will go to smack whomever away about 7 meters, attempt to crush them, encase them in itself, or will make itself into sharp needles and rain down on those who are against the caster. The crushing, encasing, and needles all deal .8 rank damage per post, while the smacking is simply a knockback. The water can even move to protect the mage by blocking or slowing down projectiles by getting in front of the spell like a shield. The water itself has 150 HP. The spell lasts for 3 posts with a 5 post cooldown.

    ~  Can slow down spells/weapons with water shield
    ~ A quick knockback
    ~ Can encase in the water
    ~ Can prick people with the water needles

    ~ Water slayers can eat it
    ~ High wind can knock water off course
    ~ Water can be frozen to keep it from attacking
    ~ Spells can still go through the water and hit allies or mage
    ~ Uses 1.5 MP to cast


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