REPRISE ⚜ open, social


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    REPRISE ⚜ open, social

    Post by Lilium on 23rd August 2018, 5:12 pm

    The blonde woman walked down the street into the concert hall. It had been nearly a year since she had been to a live performance and to be performing at one was an entirely different kind of opportunity in all honesty. Smoothing out her black dress, the holy mage would step into the grand hallway of the prestigious building. She hadn't practicing singing in a classical environment in a while. The most she's done recently was perform at the Silver Moon Inn and even that was rare. She was extremely excited to be invited to perform as it was a rather famous concert hall. It's rare that they ask anyone to perform as an opener for a performance in all honesty. Cracking her neck, the holy mage would smile as she said, "Show time, I guess."

    Stepping onto the backstage area, the holy mage would be running a couple vocal exercises when the conductor of the orchestra approached her. "I'm so sorry, Miss Santiais. Would you be able to perform a little bit more of a modern arrangement? The clientele is a lot younger than initially presumed." The holy mage stopped herself from breathing a sigh of relief. She had a lot more problems with classical arrangements to begin with and had a lot of an easier time working with modern songs. The Wizard Saint would smile gently as she spoke, "Actually, I have a modern song that could probably work with the orchestra." Summoning some sheet music with a flick of her wrist, a golden light would shine on the conductor's face as she granted him some of her musical knowledge from Arcadia. It was a simple piece too so it worked well.

    The performance began and Lilium sat center stage as she grabbed the mic. Hopefully, she wasn't too rusty. The string section began to play softly and the holy mage caught her cue without a second to spare. Smirking confidently, the holy mage would play up her confidence for the rest of the song, even if it wasn't a perfect representation of how she was doing inside. Although, she was slowly getting to the point where she was feeling good about her life.

    The crowd kind of wanted an encore but the holy mage simply waved them off as she stepped off the stage gently. The performance had actually began, she was simply the opener. She would have stayed but she got the feeling some of her parent's friends were there and she wasn't in the mood to humour them. Stepping out of the concert hall using the side door, the holy mage would teleport to a nearby rooftop as she snapped her fingers.

    With a golden flash of light, her closest friend would appear as he smiled. "Good job, princess. You still got it." The holy mage would chuckle as she moved his hand away gently. "You're implying that I ever lost it." The Heroic Spirit rolled his eyes in response to her confidence as she continued. "Let's go to a cafe. I need something sweet." Hopping off the rooftop, the pair would begin to wander the streets in search of what could provide the best dessert at this time of night.

    Notes: Here's the song in case you wanted to know.
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    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Re: REPRISE ⚜ open, social

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 23rd August 2018, 5:52 pm

    Blue hair bounced slightly as she walked around, well not actually, the woman moved as if she walked but in reality, she was levitating, feet never touching the ground. For some forsaken reason she found herself near the site of a concert hall. The canines experience with houses of magic? They were all too loud, too much different noise going on at once and no one could ever truly sit through quietly, they were a disaster for her hearing. In the rare cases, she was going to enjoy music? Jiyu preferred to enjoy it in solitude or in a scene where everything drowned itself out anyway, some towns had the damn best night street performers. End of story, she could never understand why people subjected themselves to these places, anything someone could get hear they could get elsewhere with less stuffy air and likely cheaper as well, places were high-class rip-offs. Briefly, she tried to remember the last time she had ever gone into somewhere like this, easily recalling it had been with a gentleman who wanted her company for the night before she devoted herself to the life of a legal mage.

    Initially, she had no intention of venturing into the concert hall, having a natural dislike of both everything involved in these places and the memories she had in them, no reason existed for her to go in. Jiyu was about to pass up the building until her blue gaze cut to the side and she saw something familiar on one of the posters plastered on the building. "Is that?" she used her claws to pry off the piece of paper, bringing it closer to her face as her vision was poor. As she had suspected? The piece of paper spoke of Lillium opening for the performance to occur tonight. The idea someone in Black Rose was opening in this place suddenly wiped away any idea's of spending the night in another gambling brothel observing the ongoings under the guise of safety. "I may as well see what she can do." glancing at herself she realized her normal attire was likely not exactly what the people heading towards the hall seemed to be wearing, luckily fitting in would be simple as letting her winds extend the clothing she was wearing so it was more of a nearly business like shirt and skirt combo instead of what it had been.

    Having filed in with the other average patrons over not wanting to pay extra for priority treatment in spite of being perfectly able to, the noise was already getting to her. Why couldn't everyone attending this thing just stay quiet until it started? Rude assholes. Luckily it did not take long for the lights to dim and everyone to take their seats. Jiyu leaned back, listening in to what Lil was doing instead of the instrument's being played, she only really liked Astrid on the strings, the elf was one of the few who could play without stabbing her ears to the point of bleeding. A small smile crossed the wind mages mouth, realizing the other girl was actually good for her part of things, in spite of how insufferable the concert hall was.

    The second her guild-mate was done performing? Jiyu got up and started heading towards the back, desperate for an escape from the building where even the slightest pin drop was amplified. The cool night air was a very welcomed relief as she leaped into the air, feet first landing on some ledge before she leaped to the roof of the hall, eyes closed as she tilted her head up towards the moon. Good as Lil' could sing? Jiyu would never be repeating that she'd buy the tickets as support, but she was never going to actually watch again, though she may stay for the other girl's performances in the silver moon from time to time.

    Sea tinted optics cracked open as her ears twitched, head tilting as her ears keyed into the sound of the other girl's voice. Without much second thinking? she leaped from the top of the building, jumping on nothing but air until she reached the rooftop the other ace was standing upon. "Have room for one more? Something sweet sounds amazing, not that your singing wasn't sweet, but those places are hell." placing one hand on her hip she waited for a response as she let a good half of her skirt and shirt evaporate into the wind. Once more she was clad only to her mid-thigh and her entire midriff was exposed showing her obsecenely large guild mark.


    Victoria Sheridan

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    Re: REPRISE ⚜ open, social

    Post by Victoria Sheridan on 23rd August 2018, 9:29 pm

    Wearing a simple white suit with a white tie and a blue shirt and wearing a white hat to hide the sprigs of hair that always stood at an angle, Victoria entered Capital Crocus. The brunette was not sure how to feel about entering the city so soon after leaving. She had done a lot here and had been through a lot here. But none of that mattered. Today she was here for some reason. What was it now?

    She came to a stop in front of a concert hall. She spotted a young woman with long blonde hair on posters flanking the entrance and two big signs advertising her name. Lillium.


    That name sounded kind of familiar. She would figure it out later. She paid for a general admission ticket and entered the theater with no one the wiser. She was worried that people she had made enemies out of back in her street days would come after her if she showed up dressed in her normal clothing. The brunette had bought a decent suit in Rose Garden before coming here in order to fool any old enemies that might still be in the city.

    Thanks to an aspect of her magic, Victoria could pass for a male by wearing men's clothing as long as she did not pass by anyone as strong as she was or stronger. Not very many people here had magic, so she could pass with everyone thinking she was a male. That was fine with the brunette. She quickly made her way to the seat number printed on her ticket and removed her hat.

    Victoria looked around the opera hall. Eight years ago she could never have imagined that she would ever enter a place like this. Now she was sitting in a sea of rich people and wannabe rich people liked she belonged there. In a few minutes the lights dimmed and "Lillium" came on stage to perform. It was strange.

    Victoria had never been to an opera hall before and she could not stand the music, but "Lillium" was good. No, she was great. The blonde's skillful singing actually made paying the hefty cost for the ticket worthwhile. For a little over three minutes Victoria forgot where she was. Then the blonde's song ended and Victoria was dropped back into reality.

    Just before the next performer came on, Victoria stood up and made her way to the back. She strolled around the concert hall with purpose and eventually came across a way to the roof. After making sure no one was looking, she briskly walked through the door and carefully shut it behind her. No one knew that she had even been there. That was a feat of stealth for someone wearing a rather obvious white suit.

    -On the roof-

    Victoria stepped out into the night air and put her hat back on. She walked to a corner of the roof and gazed out over the city. It was so beautiful, but its underbelly was so ugly. Perhaps the same could be said for all cities. She was wondering where Lawrence had gone to when she spotted the blonde singer and a blue-haired young woman who she remembered as Jiyu of Black Rose.

    "Oh. Hey guys. Do you mind if I join you?"" Victoria asked the pair. If they said yes, she would stay. If they said no, she would simply leave and go back to Rose Garden. The brunette would browse the job listings and apply for one that promised to pay big.

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    Amora Shade

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    Re: REPRISE ⚜ open, social

    Post by Amora Shade on 26th August 2018, 3:27 pm

    Amora sighs softly with her hands behind her head as she makes her way through the capital wearing just a simple black t-shirt with no sleeves and long grey pants. The back of her shirt having two very clean cuts that are about an inch in diameter for the two cuts. The raven haired girl glancing around at the increase amount of people just walking around from one place to the next within this city as she sees them all dressed rather...fancy or clean is the word? She shrugs ever so slightly not caring that much for such a fact focusing more so on what this place holds and a place for herself to try and reach when it comes time for it. Having heard from her partner that this place holds a grand tournament one that she couldn't participate in even if she wanted to do so because of not being within a guild. 'I wonder if i should invest into looking for a guild?' She thinks to herself closing her amber colored eyes as she stands within place within the middle of the street taking her time to think on such a thing. 'Oras is part of one so that Black Rose couldn't be all that bad if i wanted. Though i haven't met anyone from that little pack so i don't even know if they're interesting enough to be around. If only it was possible to find a way to meet someone from every guild this would be a lot easier. To choose the perfect pack mates since i could tell if there goals would at least be interesting enough to take part of.' She thinks to herself getting a bit agitated realizing just how difficult it would be to find the perfect pack for her to fight alongside with. A frustrated sigh leaving her lips with the revelation.

    The casually dressed girl glances around at the various shops and finds one that looks familiar at least in terms of what they are serving as she gets a big grin on her face. Guess i could go for some ice cream...maybe find one of those places that sells those...chocliets? Chocabets? She starts softly mumbling to herself trying to remember the word before shrugging her shoulders and making her way into a ice cream shop. Knowing from her experience that ice cream is really really tasty.


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