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    Post by Fauna Winter on 31st July 2018, 5:25 am

    Name: Mortuus est spiritibus, trem (aka Spirits of Dead Summoner)
    Rank: C+
    Type: Multiple Target
    Damage: 1 000 000
    Requip/Summon HP: 600HP
    Range:100 000km
    Speed: S-Rank
    Duration: 5 minutes - 4 hours (depends on what spirit is called)
    Cooldown: 1 hour - 4 months (again this depends on the spirit ((the strongest spirit takes this long too cool down)))
    Downside: User is made extremely weak (especially with the strongest), the longer the spell is in use the more it feels as though you are being drowned underwater. If pushed even farther the spell can knock out the user. Also sometimes the user's soul may or may not be crushed by the demons they summon, if they do not prove themselves as capable summoners.
    Description: The words `Summone Draco aqua, Mizuko' must be said whilst in possession of the the Aqueous Lost Katana. This summons a spirit dragon named Mizuko. A bright blue glow falls around the immediate area and a hazy dragon spirit is summoned. Though that is the only dragon summon possible. All others are demonic summonings.


    • Destroy's pretty much everything (also the bad side but only an idiot would use it in their own home town)
    • There is a certain degree of damage that can be controlled if the summoner is strong willed and minded.


    • 4 months recovery and can be used for 5 minutes
    • If there isn't a strong bond, the dragon spirit may turn on you
    • Some people have died using the spell


    • Ability 1: The ability to call back demons
    • Ability 2: and dragons! But the only known sword capable of this is the Aqueous Lost Katana.
    • Ability 3: The magic is also an add on magic. It's passed on by other wizards (not only through blood line) and the swords that hold demons within them are said to have been created by the very first summon-requipist.


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