Affluence to Ruin


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    Completed Affluence to Ruin

    Post by Yuiisai on 13th June 2018, 2:15 am

    It had been strange day she thought. One minute she was in her room within the fortress the guild called a guild hall, surrounded by her bright and colourful belongings, the sweet scent of incense heavy in the room; the next a letter had been slid under her door. Seeing the vivid red and sparkling gold envelope got her curious, so she quickly stood and headed to pick it up as she did her thumps went over the paper as she looked at the seal at the back in gold wax. The paper was of high quality of that there was no doubt only adding to her curiosity and excitement as she broke the seal to find a finely written letter within.

    Greeting my dearest,
    I heard your contract was sold and have been at a loss without you, my world has become dull without your beauty and I find my self wilting without your smile. I looks at the star and moon hoping to find the same entrancing presence you gave but it left me with nought, even the flowers don't seem as fragrant. I decided then to put some of my vast resources to work and hunt you down, it took a sizeable amount and several months but I finally managed it. I even paid one of the ner-do-wells to pass this letter to you my dearest princess. Leave that barren waste land and come where you can have your every hearts desire. Within this letter you will find a special lacrima that will bring you to my side, merely hold it next to your heart to activate it.

    I hope to see you soon my princess,

    The letter confused her as she had been with this guild most of her life, they had loved and cherished her regardless of her destructive abilities when no one else would. That is what she had been told, she had no reason to question that... right? Regardless she set the letter itself down on a nearby cherry wood cabinate, before holding her palm out and carefully tipping the envelope so that the lacrima dropped into her hand. Just looking at it she could see a beautiful golden flower within the warm reds, it made her smile but she wanted to get to the truth of things thus brought it to her heart. Her eyes closed as she almost felt what she could only presume to be a cold wind pass her, she took it as a sign that she was moving but as quickly as it had started it had stopped. She stood there in silence for a moment as the new smells and sounds assaulted her senses before her eyes finally flickered open to reveal marble pillars in what she thought was an art gallery, how wrong she was. This was her 'suitors' home, it was beautiful but clearly wasn't to her tastes, some of it seemed a little excessive even gaudy. Still it wasn't her place to judge, though she'd do everyone a favour and happily raise the place to the ground that's for sure.

    She wore a smile regardless hiding her disgust for the place when she heard a male voice that made her skin crawl "My sweet princess you're here..." he called from the top of the steps "where ever here is.." she mumbled to herself but nodded "Yes, how could I deny you after such a beautiful letter and the effort you put in to find me." she said her voice dripping with honey as if to lure him in. "I'm so glad you left that horrible, terrible place and way of life. Don't worry, I'll take care of you, you'll want for nothing." How she already hated this and wanted to end him, she realised that would do nothing but leave one dead man. No, she had a better idea she would take what he held closest his belongings, his influence so he would never bother her again. She didn't know if the letter hand told the truth or if this was just some weird that seen a beautiful girl that he wanted to have clung to his arm like a living trophy, either way it was a mistake and it was one that would cost him big. "You really mean it? I won't have to do anymore bad deeds?" her voice sounding shocked, she took note of the smug smile he had on his lips and wanted to knock it right off, but she was a deceiver frontal force wasn't how she got things done. She played people like puppets hand had them do the dirty work for her.

    It was then she had the idea and chuckled internally "My sweet prince I have a request." she said watching as he moved down the perfect marble steps. "Anything for you my dearest." he commented as he stopped in front of her "Since I am to remain here with you, I want a coming out ball tonight." she said with a grin "A ball?" he repeated taken back a little watching as she nodded "So I can meet all your friends and they can get jealous of you." she explained which made him grin like a Cheshire cat "Anything my princess wants." he said calling for his staff giving them instructions on what he wanted and the time frame in which to do it. Understanding there orders they left to do their tasks. During the time that that was happening she was shown around the town she would be calling home in the back of a horse pulled carriage, she had to admit the town was indeed beautiful but it was clear unless you had money you weren't living anywhere in this place. After the tour she was taken for something to eat and on a shopping spree which she didn't mind, what she did mind was that he was constantly trying to touch and kiss her. Each time she would explain not until they were married, there where rules. which he nodded to but seemed to forget within fifteen minutes. This man was a revolting swine but at least she wouldn't have to put up with it much longer.

    Soon enough the evening came and she was in a side room getting dressed just glad to be away from the apparent idiot that wanted to bed her. "I wonder what will happen if I poison them, then frame him for it after all influential people are paranoid... hm.." she said hearing a knock at the door she moved to open it, there he was dressed in a gaudy outfit that made him look like half noble, half town jester in her opinion. "You look... wow..." he said taking in the woman he brought here within her royal and ice blue ball gown. As much as Yuii didn't want to blush she couldn't stop it happening. "You look something too." she commented though she wanted to know if he had just woken up, stumbled into his wardrobe and put whatever came to hand first on she held her tongue. Walking beside him she heard the music get louder and as they where announced she took his arm trying to keep her perfect smile on her face all the while wanting to stop touching him as they walked down the stairs together. 'By the gods, I'm at a carnival. What where they thinking? Is this a costume ball and I didn't get the memo?' she thought to herself seeing how badly everyone was dressed 'Perhaps, I'm going to be doing them all a favour.' she thought to herself as she separated from the one whom thought her his to 'mingle' with his friends. It was then she put a well placed whisper here and there about hostile take overs he planned, that he had slept with several of his friends wives, kidnapped the one he was wanting to be his bride, forced himself on her more than once and that he had even planned to poison everyone in attendance as a way to enter a dark guild.

    Before long the hall was a buzz with these rumours and seeds of doubt she had sewn, she just stepped back and watched as they seemed to turn on each other. After a while she got board and moved to the kitchen seeing what she could do there to make this all that much more horrible for him. The cooks and such where busy so they didn't even notice asn she moved around eventually finding a liquid substance that had a bio hazard sign, it was clear and gave no scent so found a small cup half filling it and placed it in the giant punch bowl before slipping out to the garden and back in to the main hall through the side door. Ten minutes later the punch was brought in and people started to drink, and soon drop showing that the rumours may have not been that way. In a matter of minutes people were calling for medics and the noble had even been beaten down by a mob that called him a monster. 'You call these people friends... your trust was misplaced, in them and in me. I hope you've learned you lesson and pick more wisely in future... that is if you have one.' she thought with a twisted grin, with that she walked out of the door leaving the man to his own demise.

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    Under a tree at quarter three, I had some hope in me
    But life was taken from me, but I did not feel peace
    What is this, a painful twist,  is this a bitter kiss?
    My dreams were slain, my face was stained with memories of my pain

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