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    Requip: Nova

    Post by Imai-chi on 26th May 2018, 9:03 am

    Username: Imai-chi
    Secondary Magic Name: Requip: Nova
    Evidence of Accomplishment: (insert link to training thread)
    Description: - Knight of Nova, a holder magic and a name given to him whom achieved this distinctive, yet iconic way of Requip Magic. As any other Requip Magic, it utilizes items and equipment from a separate, distant, universal 'pocket' where you store items and equip them from literally anywhere you are and anytime you want. It's efficient, it's fast and it's quite famous all over the land of Fiore. As there are different 'pockets' for different people's version of Requip Magic, there are almost an infinite amount of equipment out there that the regular human has no knowledge of. Imai, the galaxy-inspired mage, found his way and key through a pocket that contained just the right weapons for him; versatile weapons with powers of the cosmos around this planet and beyond, which knowledge is just as mysterious as Imai's lust for the unseen. When equipping them in battle, it gets right to his grab in no time due to the effective way of using Requip Magic; a very useful advantage against other weapon users. Every weapon has a theme for an astronomical object as if it was a reincarnation or prophet of the white stars themselves. This version of Requip Magic, called Knight of Nova, is surely suited for a guy who aims for the stars himself...

    1. Its versatile capabilities make it quite easy to handle such unknown powers for Imai. Thus, he can effectively use this magic in many ways.
    2. The weapons cause a great effect beyond its range, labelling this magic as full AoE.
    3. Due to the theme, it’s highly cooperative with his primary magic.

    1. Utilizing astronomical weapons of the unknown universe, this magic holds a quite obvious weakness (for Imai); other Metal Magic isn't dealt as much damage to as other magic or magicians.
    2. It takes time to change between weapons during a battle, which at times forces Imai to use an ineffective weapon to its full extent, which can have its disadvantages too.
    3. It resolves not much around armors; therefore, the user won't be able to increase his physical defense as much as his offense.
    4. The different elements that the weapons call out can still be eaten by slayers.

    Requip Magic Rules:
    This form of magic is based on the usage, summoning and/or creation of many different magical items, weapons and armor that are pulled from and stored in a magical pocket space. The items, weapons and armor a Requip mage uses are listed as spells.
    ♦ Requip magic is a Holder Type magic
    ♦ All Requips have 1 passive ability
    ♦ All Requips also have 1 Active Ability
    ♦ All Weapon Requips have 2.5x the HP of rank spell damage
    ♦ All Armour Requips have 3x the HP of rank spell damage
    ♦ If a Requip is used as a Signature spell, it can have either an active or a passive, but not both
    ♦ Requip mages A Rank or higher may own 1 Refined Requip spell
    ♦ There are 4 types of spells for Requip Magic
    ♦ Support
    ♦ Spell Armour
    ♦ Spell Weapons
    ♦ Special


    • Orion’s Belt: This unique ability is showcased by Imai’s versatile changes of weapons; when having a requip activated, he can use this ability to switch it out with another requip weapon that’s one rank above or below the current one, totally mana-free. He can only do this once every third post, but it’s very good to step up with a battle if he finds it necessary.

    • Supernova: Imai’s weapon begins to turn its contour into a bluish glow that indicates this unique ability’s activation. After having hit an opponent, a seal will appear on the hit spot on the enemy; then, if finding it necessary, Imai can turn a requip into a blitz of light that is sent out in all directions with a speed and range of:
      C-Rank: 30 m/s, 30 meters in radius
      B-Rank: 50 m/s, 60 meters in radius
      A-Rank: 75 m/s, 100 meters in radius
      S-Rank: 100 m/s, 150 meters in radius
      This light will cause 2x of his rank’s amount of spell damage to anyone who’s targeted with the seal. That means that anyone who isn’t sealed is safe. The opponents have to be hit by the exact requip weapon or contacted with the requip armor that is sacrificed to unleash the supernova, and it increases the cooldown of that requip by 3 post.

    D-Rank Spell Name: Mercury's Claws
    Rank: D
    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Type: Offensive, Holy/Lightning, Weapon
    Description: The mage spawns a pair of strange-looking gloves with two equipped blades on each. The blades who appear like claws are said to origin from a beast killed by a deity, granting the clawed gloves a high status. They're electrically charged and the bolts are clearly visible around the user’s palms as he attacks.
    1. Because that the currents only jump out when he decides to attack, he can control them just fine. His teammates can be safe from the currents in most circumstances.
    2. It deals more damage to Earth magic and magical beings with earthen elements.
    1. When around water, it's exceptionally uncontrollable (the currents on the gloves). Anyone near him will be hurt if in contact with the right conditions (the water, or for instance metallic objects).
    2. Wind Magic is very effective against this spell, as in it takes ½ damage form it and deals 2x damage to the user’s weapon if successfully hit.
    3. It's not a very ranged weapon; it focuses around the user's range of grabbing anything, so stay back and keep trying to stay back from him, then you'll do fine!

    Abilities (Passive and Active):

    Godly Electron: The user’s body is dissolved into a cloud of electrons when charging for an attack. Any physical attacks (and D-Ranked Iron Spells) are halved in power against this form. It lasts as long as the weapon is equipped.

    Mercury’s Razor: The user charges towards the opponent with a speed up to 60 meters per second. When using this ability, the charge deals 1x D-Rank Spell Damage and can be used once per post.

    C-Rank Spell Name: Asteroid Scythes
    Rank: C
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Type: Offensive, Holy/Ice, Weapon
    Description: The mage re-equips an ancient pair of scythes that are half a meter each in length and whose blades reach 30 centimeters out of the staff. These blades are made for synchronizing assaults as their sizes match as well as their looks and auras. When equipping these blades, Imai’s field of attack can be at a much higher risk due to the sheer lust that these scythes grant their wielder.
    1. It’s a very hostile weapon pair.
    2. Their contribution includes both offensive and supportive capabilities.
    1. They’re not as big as some of the other weapons.
    2. When attacking, the user will be put in danger due to the fact that its range is short, thus the user will be put closer to the opponent’s range when attacking.
    3. Its attribute is filled with ice auras, so anything effective against ice magic will have a better chance at enduring its attacks (½ damage taken from these blades)

    Abilities (Passive and Active):

    Detect: The user is capable of tracking down any opponent within a range of 120 meters around him with only the use of this weapon’s auric clairvoyance. Thus, he can track them down without having his eyes opened as if a map of their locations is showcased in his mind.

    Cold Slicer: When being hit once by his scythes, the opponent will be engulfed in a stinging cold that deals 1x C-Rank Spell Damage. It can only be used if the opponent gets successfully hit.

    B-Rank Spell Name: Aether Shield
    Rank: B
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Type: Defensive, Holy/Iron, Shield
    Description: This shield looks fancy and shiny, and obviously, it’s sufficient to say that it’s a legendary shield. Its decorated mirror reflects almost any image that looks at it, and the insignia of an unknown star constellation strikes awe in the eyes of the adorers.
    1. Its huge size makes for a very good defense during a battle.
    1. It leaves a hand occupied when wielded, which affects Imai’s offense by a good chunk as he is more of a two-handed fighter.
    2. It’s very weak against Water Magic and/or Poison Magic, in which it deals only ½ the spell
    damage to those kinds of magic and mages.

    Abilities(Passive and Active):

    HP Regen: This passive grants Imai a portion of health by absorbing the energy from the attacks that he successfully blocks with his shield. The amount of HP given depends on the type of attack:
    Weapons: 5 HP
    D-Ranked Spells: 10 HP
    C-Ranked Spells: 20 HP
    B-Ranked Spells: 30 HP
    A-Ranked Spells: 40 HP

    Knockbreak: Upon bashing the shield at a target, a repulsive energy is released, resulting in a fierce force that can successfully block 2x B-Ranked Spell Damage at once.

    S-Rank Spell Name: Spear of Ares
    Rank: A
    Type: Offensive, Holy/Fire Weapon

    A-Rank Spell Name: Ultima Blade
    Rank: S
    Duration: 7 posts
    Cooldown: 8 posts
    Type: Offensive, Holy/Wind, Weapon

    Abilities (Passive and Active):

    Hidden Blade: As soon as the Ultima Blade comes in contact with the world, it turns invisible. This passive lets it make every single hit a blind corner for the poor opponent.

    Galactic Breeze: Once per 4 posts, the user can cut open a sort of wormhole that spawns a wind alike a tornada with the size of 200 meters in radius. This breeze travels at the speed of 100 m/s and deals 1x S-Rank Spell Damage.

    S-Rank Signature Spell Name: Sirius Armor
    Rank: S
    Duration: Max 10 posts
    Cooldown: x amount of posts that it’s been activated
    Type: Holy/Light, Defensive (Armor)



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