Tipping the Scale! (By a lot!) [Job with Noheme]


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    Tipping the Scale! (By a lot!) [Job with Noheme]

    Post by Ravus on 23rd February 2018, 10:11 am

    Job: Afternoon Freakout
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: Thread must be at least 20 posts long. C Ranked Wizards or Above. Or a combination of two D Ranked Wizards or more. 250 Words Minimum Each Post.

    Job Requirements: Stop the paranoid Wizard and his cronies from attacking civilians in the market. Stop him before he's able too harm or kill 15 people. Must defeat ONE group of Henchmen or Cocky Fire Wizards and either the Insane Fire-Make Wizard, or the Mind Wizard. 3 wizards Max Allowed on this Mission / Job.

    (Note: If you roll for the Mind Wizard and he appears, the Insane Fire-Make Wizard's spell will be broken, and he will flee the scene in horror of what he's done alongside any Henchmen, or Cocky Fire Wizards, who will also be freed from the spell, as the Mind Wizard is interested in fighting you with no help, on his own.)

    Job Location: Oak Town

    Job Description: A wizard is loosing his mind slowly, but surely in Oak Town. You've arrived on the scene shortly after a mission was hurriedly posted on the board. For the past few days, a Fire Wizard has been heading too the market with his band of wizards and attacking innocent civilians, claiming that they're Demons. It would appear that he's under some form of enchantment or spell that's controlling his mind. He still has his intelligence and still, he and his minions are a huge threat too those around them.

    (Note: At the end of each round, he will roll a random Fire spell against a nearby group of civilians, a single civilian, or a shop / establishment. If you roll a miss, it misses. If you roll an attack, it lands and you loose 1 out of the 15 individuals you're supposed too protect.)

    (Note: The name of the Wizard, and or his group of cronies is up too you.)

    Weak: Henchmen Fire Wizard x3 (These guys use D-Ranked Fire Spells, mostly Fire Balls and Fire Streams that don't do too much damage. They can catch things on fire however. They go down in usually one hit, two at the most of any rank.)

    Normal: Cocky Fire Wizard x3 (These guys use C-Ranked Magic, and are very skilled. They sling AOE fire spells at you, along with normal fireballs and fire streams. They take four C-Ranked hits each too defeat.)

    Strong: The Insane Fire-Make Wizard (The source of the problem. A young wizard with a long blue coat with red runic markings on it. He has face length blue hair that sweeps around his face, with a deranged look and a constant toothy smile that just screams "I'm insane.", he uses a plethora of C-Ranked spells at rapid speed, and has a B-Ranked AOE fire spell that will deal incredible damage if you're hit by it. At the end of every turn, he rolls a "Damage Die" too see if he harms / kills one civilian or a nearby building / establishment. Takes 15 C-Ranked hits too defeat.)

    Boss: Mind Wizard (The REAL source of the trouble in Oak Town, this guy brought the Insane Fire-Make Wizard under his control with his magic, so beware. He's a force too be reckoned with. If he appears, he will attempt too bring the civilians under his mind control, and force them too attack you. He uses Darkness-based magic along with his psychic abilities. Each round, he rolls a "Damage Die" if he misses, then he doesn't bring anyone under his control, if the Attack goes through then a group of civilians will attempt too impede your fight against him. Takes 20 C-Ranked hits too destroy. Will shield himself with Darkness-based magic, and strike with blasts of Shadows, and cause whipping shadows too jump from floors/walls/alleyways. Is very quick, and can have clouds of darkness lift him off the ground too get aerial and fight from rooftops. Good luck. His spells are C-Ranked, and B-Ranked.)

    Reward: 5000 Jewels

    Ravus trudged along the road with bags under his eyes. It'd been forever since he had last seen civilization. After getting lost in the forest for a good three days, he finally came across a road which led him too... Well, where THIS place was. He wasn't quite sure. But it looked friendly enough. Hopefully he'd be able to find some secluded alley way to crash in. Not that he had any money on him to rent a room...

    These past few days had been hell. First he bought an expensive map from a map merchant, which turned out to be bogus. He had gotten swindled like the idiot he was for trusting some man he met on the side of the forest road. He cursed himself every day for that. But not like there was much he could do about it now. He could only put all that stuff behind him and hopefully figure out where he was gonna head too next. He needed work after all, maybe this town could provide some.

    He gripped Venom Fang tightly around his belt as he traversed through the crowds, his green eyes scanning the area for anything of interest. Sadly nothing popped out. Maybe the inns would have something for him to do. He knew they often carried jobs, if no other wizards had taken them first. Sighing, Ravus would walk towards the nearest inn hoping for his luck to change.

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    Re: Tipping the Scale! (By a lot!) [Job with Noheme]

    Post by Noheme on 24th February 2018, 5:04 pm

    Noheme Fairy Tail H-Rank

    The Moon goddess was once again on the prowl. But this time, there was nothing really special about it. She required… groceries. Yes, the mighty nine-tailed Kitsune named Noheme had to go out to by some groceries. She grew quite bored as of late and took up Alchemy as her hobby. However, cooking all those different mixtures and potions did require some ingredients. And while she was perfectly capable of hunting down any manner of beast, even if they would happen to be legendary dragons and spawns of Satan himself, was not a problem for her at all. The thing was, no amount of raw power would help her grow some weed in the backyard.

    And so she just had to go out and buy that weed somewhere where they had it. After some research, by which was meant the fact that she sent out one of her worshipers to do all the work, she discovered that Oak Town’s Inn was quite famous for holding a good number of the ingredients she required. And while she could have sent out someone else to buy it for her as well, she figured that she might as well stretch all of her limbs and tails on a little adventure of her own.

    And for once, it was highly unlikely that she would meet an H-ranked monster that needed putting down along the way. It was a nice change of pace, actually. And so she just casually moved through the shadows until she reached her destination. And when she did, the shadows gathered in front of the inn, forming a giant black spot from which the nine-tailed vixen leaped out as if the shadows were a pool of water. Probably quite the strange sight for anyone who would have seen it. Looking around, the town still wasn’t much.

    Just a simple old and quiet place for the old legends to retire into. Or at least that was why this place was so famous across Fiore. Oh well, that was not her business. While she was few thousands of years old herself, she was nowhere near getting retired just yet. Though something did catch her attention. A boy who was around, some sort of weapon by his side and magic inside of his body. A mage, clearly. Just out of the habit, the fox girl decided to be a bit tasteful and winked at the boy very clearly, sending over an unknown signal. And it was up to him how to take the gesture.

    Word Count: 420 / 2,500
    Tags: @Ravus
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