A Brew-tiful Afternoon


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    A Brew-tiful Afternoon

    Post by Yona on 7th February 2018, 8:34 am

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    Yona's long leaf-hued hair was pulled half up, clasped behind her head with an ornate hair-piece comprised of white and pink flowers. The expensive piece looked stylish in her all white WFTC attire. Yona had gotten used to wearing the large almost over-sized white coat, but found little joy in the requirement that she be in all white for the position. The job she had taken up today had been small, but she needed the jewels and getting familiar with the locals was never a bad thing she had found in her usual line of work. Having connections was always a good thing- knowing who to talk to for what she needed, who was willing to barter, and understanding the weak points of various merchants in order to manipulate them into lowering prices for her. There was also a lot of good to be found in knowing who she could not trust and who she ought to avoid playing her games with. People who didn't know the lay of the land so to speak, especially street girls like Yona, ended up dead.

    The job was a good opportunity to show she could be trusted by the Company but also a good chance to check out Divide Island more extensively. After her run in with Cirven and Ruvel and the others, especially the ones who had appeared by Ruvel's side, had driven Yona to be cautious about exploring. Her mind was broken and her spirit dampened, but it was about time that she busted out of comfort zone. If she stayed nervous, wary, and as angry with the world as the devils of lore, Yona would never fulfill her goals. And so, she wore a tight white shirt under the new white coat, so tight it appeared almost painted on. It was also made into a low V neck, something she said was a requirement to the tailor involved in the customization of her new clothing. If it was a dreaded white shade, it still had to be both comfortable, moving with her skin, and yet suggestive. Yona had known from a young age that she was always bound to become an unusually beautiful woman, it was in her lineage. Furthermore, beauty seemed to come in handy even when she didn't expect it to. There was very little that drunk mages and men wouldn't tell an innocent and beautiful female like herself. She wore her a pair of leggings, in the palest of pink shades that she could find, the stretchy fabric clinging to her legs and hiding the burn scars upon them. Over the leggings she wore knee-high white boots and a simple flowing white skirt. The fabric of her skirt swayed just over the tops of her knees as she walked up the stairs and and into the shop by the water.

    A waterfront potion shop made good business, but lately imports had been more effective a sale with the locals on the island. The shop owner was a wiry young man, likely only a few years over Yona's age. The male had vibrant blue eyes, a sharp nose, and long shoulder length black hair. Looking like some demi-god of legend, the young man practically oozed ego, but with a successful business at his age, Yona couldn't blame him for that. He lifted his head as she entered but did not go to her or even rise from his table. "You must be the mage for hire, come, plenty to do."

    Yona frowned at first and then stepped forward faking a smile, after all this was a job and she was getting paid for work not respect. It would not do to lose her temper so easily. "I am Yona," She said, giving a nod of her head, "What do you need?" The man stood abruptly and stared at her, looking her up and down in a way that made her feel both confused and uncomfortable. "Sorry," He apologized hastily meeting her eyes, "So much to do and I just am not sure you can handle it. I've tried everything I can think of to enhance my potions smell, taste, even what they can do. Oh and they can do everything," He said with a smug grin.

    "Customers just aren't coming in for it. I am thinking if I make a thousand bottles of my hair-replenishing and blemish removing potions then put them on at half price-- Boom!" He clapped his hands with a powerful and loud sound, "They'll all come running back to me instead of those lousy sailing know-nothings." Yona stepped up to his table and looked around at his ingredients. She scratched her face and questioned, "Why not just make something new that they haven't had before?"

    The man looked angry, and pointing up at a wood burned sign over his workbench area he shouted, "I am Viddini the Great, and this is Viddini's Potion Galore!" He waved his arms around at the shelves and shelves of flasks, powders, and large glass containers. "You get a shop and maybe I'll be taking advice from whoever you are!" Yona clenched her hands and set her jaw, trying to still seem friendly. She swallowed and then spoke slowly, patiently, as if to a child. "Would it hurt to let me try to make one? I can still help with the thousand others after." Viddini frowned and then his shoulders fell in a slump. He waved at his work bench, "You young people always think you have so many creative ideas. Go on then, but make it fast. I have too much to get done to waste time fiddling over your foolhardiness." It made no sense given he was barely older than she was.

    Yona coughed hard into her elbow, forcing herself to control her temper. This guy was an utter jerk, not just a young megalomaniac. Yona looked over what he had and then started grabbing things here and there. She worked silently, afraid she might bite the guy's head off if she did speak. The green haired woman took a large jar and filled it half way with some of the fresh water he had in a magical enclosed container. Then she added a handful of rose petals from the bunches of flowers he had thrown together on the table. If she had been unwise she might have rebuked him for mixing such things as roses with daisies and lady's slipper blooms. But well he needed help with his potions not with his gardening skills. Yona closed and shook the jar and then added a full cup of boiling hot water, right out of the man's own tea pot, and a sprig of ginger. The aromas filled the air and she caught Viddini staring at her, watching intently.

    She had expected him to roll his eyes and walk away, but he watched her with intense curiosity, perhaps eager to steal her creation if she was successful. Yona walked away from the table and plunged her hands into a potted flower on his windowsill. "What the hell are you doing?" He said perplexed, as Yona pulled out a handful of soil. She shook her head, still not willing to speak, using her magic to draw out a plant from the soil- a spell she had cast, making a faint green glow over her fingertips. First roots curled out, tickling her palms, then a small plant grew forth, and finally, as the plant grew larger and larger, flowers bloomed all over the plant in her hands. The flowers were dark purple and unlike any ever seen in the natural world. When the petals of those flowers fell away, a fleshy fruit appeared there, her spell complete. Yona added the drupe to her concoction and closed the lid, shaking it again, watching the magical energy imbuing the liquid with powers.

    The green haired woman stepped back and put the large container down. "There you go. A one time only special edition potion. Exotic smells and tastes leave the user feeling energized, but actually drinking a vial of this can probably restore the magical powers of a tired mage." Viddini said nothing at first, lips pursed together. He grabbed an eyedropper from the table and opened the potion Yona had made, testing it by taking a sample and dribbling it into his own mouth. It was a dangerous thing for a potion maker to do, Yona noted. Viddini's blue eyes widened and he slammed the eyedropper down. He grabbed for a small leather pouch under the table and tossed it to her. "All right, then. Here's your money, you earned it fairly, Miss Yona," He gave her a polite bow and added, "Sorry for my rudeness. You are welcome here anytime."

    Yona took the money, thanked him, and left with ease. She had no interest in replying to him or telling him she thought he was a pompous knobhead. She got her jewels and with very little effort on her own part and even less time. Plus, she had no way of knowing if her spell would last or if the potion would end up being a bust. Better to leave while her mixture was still glowing lightly green on the table.

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