A Certain Non-Magical Index; Private; Kaisto and Mei

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    A Certain Non-Magical Index; Private; Kaisto and Mei

    Post by Caelum Pendragon on 17th November 2017, 12:16 am

     Kaisto and Bastet was in the mountainous town of Shirotsume,  it was a small town in the mountains but he noticed that the town had several large mansions so he figured that they had to be home to very wealthy or very influential people but of course that was where they was headed for they had a job requested by one of the Lords of a certain manor who he was he had no clue nor any of his reasons why he had requested help besides the fact that it was the search for a index that this man had said was very important and sentimental to him and of course him being the good guys that they were the dragon slayer ams goddess couldn't say no to try and help the man out.

    after walking a little ways through the town they soon reached the Lord's manors gate but stopped to wait due to the fact that Kaisto was told that this job he would be on with a partner and all he knew was her name which was Mei,  and that she was a guildless mage, he stopped and pulled out his pocket watch as he stood there and the thing was intine said that it was 2:30 in the afternoon which made him blink a few times looking at it before he stopped and said "jeez im usually the one late...wonder where shes at??"  this made the goddess chuckle in amusement "heheh she must be sleeping like a hibernating bear.~"

    Bastet  decided to grab the job report from her companions, meaning Kais, pocket,  as she snatched it from his pocket she unfolded the official looking paper ask her cat-like eyes started reading the whole request from top to bottom till she got to a point that made her cat ears prick up, the part that she had read stated that the man who put in this job request might have an inkling of who might have taken his index due to the fact a clue was left at the scene of the crime, this part had intrigued the Cat Goddess has she got a cat-like grin across her face this means that the job will be more about trying to take back the index instead of wasting time trying to figure out who it was "heh if this guy acrually knows where his precious index might be and who had taken it, this job will be simple for us to do" she said nudging the dragon slayer in the side which made him chuckle, she was always looking at the brighter side of things and well...if this was true then it was one good thing....now WHERE WAS THEIR JOB PARTNER AT?!

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    Re: A Certain Non-Magical Index; Private; Kaisto and Mei

    Post by Meifeng Xióng on 25th November 2017, 5:51 pm

    Job Info:
    Job Title: A Certain Non-Magical Index
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements:
    • B Rank or 2+ C Rank

    Job Requirements:
    • Solo: 4,500 words
    • Team: 12,000 words

    Job Location: Shirotsune
    Job Description:
    A rather wealthy man has been robbed in Shirotsune. He states that a very ancient and powerful tome was stolen from him by a group of masked men. He'll offer you a very expensive suit of armor, crafted by one of the finest blacksmiths in Shirotsune as well as a large sum of gold for taking down the group of bandits. He'll offer a better reward depending on whether you take down their leaders, and if you take down their entire camp, a special bag with magical properties. Your contract notes that there's a very new settlement not far to the west that was built very quickly, and looks like it could be where you want to go. He's not 100% sure of it, but it's worth checking out.

    To summarize the mission:
    • Find the ninjas
    • Kill them all
    • Reclaim the stolen book
    • Bring it back to the rich guy
    • Don't kill the rich guy

    Default Enemies:
    • 20 White Ninja
    • 10 Crimson Ninja
    • 5 Gold Ninja
    • 1 Platinum Ninja

    Weak: White Ninja
    The base rank for Ninja in Saia's clan. They're skilled with a sword, but lack the experience in combat to be as effective.

    Normal: Crimson Ninja
    Ninja with enough experience to know when to attack, and when to retreat. They're not the most hardened of warriors, but they'll do against weaker foes.

    Strong: Gold Ninja
    Extremely skilled ninja who've managed to survive every mission since they joined Saia's clan.

    Boss: Platinum Ninja
    Members of the clan who's been around since birth. They were never taken in, or assimilated after a raid; they were born into the blood bath. They all earn their rank by killing a thousand men, and are sent on the most dangerous of missions.

    • 1 Legendary Armor
    • 10K for each boss killed that you rolled for (Cap 5)
    • If 6 Bosses are killed (including default) you get the bag.
    • If you read the book, you'd find out it was smut

    Special Item: Bag of Voids
    This bag is small enough to be used as a purse (or bagpack), but can hold almost anything! Inside you can fit 2 sets of equipment and any items obtained from the General Store, and still have room for items obtained from other jobs. However, a strange enchantment on the bag makes it so you can only withdraw items from the equipment set you specify at the beginning of your mission (thread).

    Translation: You can store your entire armory inside the bag, but only use equipment that you start the thread with. You cannot switch equipment sets mid-thread.

    WIP post, just wanted to put the job info here for reference.


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