Floating Continent

    Leila Vergious

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    Floating Continent

    Post by Leila Vergious on 16th November 2017, 12:55 pm

    Ω Floating Continent Ω
    Wakusei Portals - something that every proper mage surely knows about. These mysterious gates can lead one to other worlds, much unlike Earthland. One day, Leila was called into action by the Magic Council as a titan seemingly descended from the skies and started heading toward a nearby settlement. After defeating this enormous foe, the Eden’s Caretaker discovered a strange green charm in the core she had ripped from the titan’s armor. Recognizing the shape, she had taken this item to the portals and placed into a slot in the gate itself. And to her own surprise, it worked. The link was changed and the portal would now lead to a completely different realm. Taking her chances, Leila walked through only to be exposed to a completely new land in the skies. A world much like Earthland, but also different in certain aspects. Land that floated in the skies above an endless sea. This is the Floating Continent, an uncharted territory no man had set foot in until now. The new world that Leila Vergious discovered. And with her nature of a treasure hunter, she made her decision. She would explore this unknown place and seek out all the treasures hidden here! And so began her new adventure, one filled with strange new places, allies, and even foes.

    The Landing
    The very first location anyone will visit. The Landing is a circular stone embedded in the ground and on the very edge of the first floating Island. This is where those who go through the altered portal end up. An ornate stone platform with a large crystal in its center that has the same talisman slot as the portal itself. The stone platform is slightly elevated above a grassy plateau. Behind one’s back after arriving, it would not stretch very far, as it quickly comes to a rapid stop. The land there stops and transforms into a gigantic drop due to this being the very edge of an island in the skies. If one were to walk forward instead of backward from the stone platform, they would find a wall of rocks that surround the entire Landing and protects it. In this small mountain, there is a fairly thin passage between, one that could fit only single average person. This passage is the only path forward and leads to the Camp. As of right now, it is not known if this is the only Landing on the Floating Continent.

    A much bigger open field than the Landing which opens in front of those who squeeze through the passage between rocks. It is a field that's filled with tents, barrels, and boxes for now. People walking and running around with tools and pieces of paper, trying to help wherever they can to ensure that everything is running smoothly. These are all humans who are part of Leila's crew. Two structures here are also much more visible than the rest of the leather tents. One is a half-built wooden house and the other a small purple tower with a symbol of a slime on it. While this place is rather chaotic as of right now, everyone is working hard to create an actual outpost at this place that will serve as the return point for all operations in this unknown land. Considering its location right next to the Landing, it is also currently the only line of defense that intruders have to go through. Thankfully, the natural barriers and location make this place easily defendable with plenty of natural resources right at hand.

    Leila's Cabin
    Close to the main Camp, a small and homely house stands perfectly still. By a small river of fresh drinkable water and surrounded by the beautiful nature of this place, this is Leila's current home. Created mostly through her magic with the help of her crew, this place is perfect for relaxation and creation of plans for the next expedition. In the Floating continent, one always has little time for themselves, as there is always something to do. But when that moment comes, it's best to spend it somewhere you appreciate. And the Eden's Caretaker most certainly does appreciate this little cabin.

    West Ruins
    From the camp, there are two paths. One leading East and further into the center of this floating Island and one which goes West. This second path is rather narrow and resembles a walk of death, as one side is a straight drop from the island itself and the other side is a wall of rocks that are part of the mountains that go through the entire Island. However, once this path is crossed, a rather large jungle with ancient ruins opens up. This appears to be the only place on the Floating Continent that has fauna identical to the one that can be found in Earthland. A number of monkey species can be found here, as well as a pack of wolves that has a friendly attitude toward Leila and anyone from her camp. However, they will still show aggression if exposed to someone who is not part of the core operation. The origin of these ruins is not yet known, but the structures appear to be unusually large.

    Creatures fairly similar to the wolves of Earthland. The regular type is exactly the same and can be found in the West Ruins of the entry Island. As these wolves have been made friendly by Leila, they no longer pose any threat to those who are part of the core exploration operation. However, ones that are further into the Island start to change slightly. Most notably, they have a single horn which goes from their head, similar to the mythical beasts called Unicorns. These ones are far stronger than regular predators as well as faster and smarter. They also often come in unusual colors, such as violet or even crimson red. No magical abilities have been detected in these yet, but who knows just how much they can change the further one goes into the Floating Continent.

    One of the less dangerous kinds of creatures that can be found on the Floating Continent. These magical beings do not have a completely solid form and their entire bodies are made out of sentient jelly. While usually harmless, they can be aggravated and tempted to attack. Though if this is achieved, they are not all that powerful and can usually be defeated even by low-ranked mages. That said, Leila's expert on slime Megumi Tireheart does warn that it's possible for more dangerous slime types to exist somewhere. According to her research, such type could easily overpower even stronger mages if it came down to it. It also seems that a lot of these slimes like to steal different liquid containers such as jars or cups and use them to give themselves more physically strong form and appearance.

    Lesser versions of dragons but still powerful foes, these beasts can be very territorial and usually hunt down anything that comes near them. As such, the best indication of nearby drakes is a sudden absence of any and all fauna in the area. These guys can differ greatly from one another, as their appearance generally matches their magical abilities. Not only are their physical attacks with claws and razor-sharp teeth deadly, they are very much capable of using elemental attacks to their advantage. Things, like shooting out fireballs and creating walls of ice, is nothing new to them and it takes a seasoned hunter or mage to take one of them down. The fact that they usually move around in groups doesn't help that at all.

    Not much is known about these beings as of right now. Their bodies appear to be made purely out of magic and consist only of a single color which also gives them a ghastly glow. They appear randomly on the Island whenever the natural order is interrupted in some way and hunt down those that do not belong. One such phantom already managed to kill Leila during one of her expeditions, only showing just how powerful they truly are. Their bodies seem to ignore all physical and magical attacks while their attacks can go through any armor. They are capable of using simple magic, though it's clear they prefer head-on clash with their victim. Until some means of weakening these beings is found, they have to be avoided at all cost.


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