Mentor & his pupils


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    Mentor & his pupils

    Post by Smrt on Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:59 pm


    Monster Containment; A Job-Based Event!

    How many players can join in a topic?: 2-5 players may sign up per topic, but you may not have multiple of your own characters in the same topic. There is no limit on sign-ups, meaning everyone will have a chance to do the event. You may only do the event job once per character.

    How much do I need to type? As it's a job-based event there is a set word count based on the highest ranked player! Luckily these are much lower than would normally be needed for the exp being rewarded!

    D: 500 words per player.
    C: 1000 words per player.
    B: 2000 words per player.
    A: 3000 words per player.
    S+: 4000 words per player.

    Where: Fat Monster Land.

    Synopsis of Event/What's going on:
    Rumors of the monsters running around Fat Monster land beginning to venture out to attack the places nearby have been getting around. Every day these become less rumor and more front page news. The Magic Council can not have these monsters continuing to advance and cause harm to the lands surrounding them, and thus they have sent out for any mages willing to help beat back the monster advances and if possible take out whatever monsters incited the others to begin wandering away from their normal stomping grounds.

    *Any mages who came at the call of the Council will simply be fighting until the monster's boss has been slain. Since the monster attacks are well known about it is also for dark mages or such to show up and try to help the monsters attack nearby towns and villages. (nondescript ones of your making)*


    Monsters/Enemies:  (All enemies must be rolled for, including the boss. Boss must be slain to succeed for a good ending. All enemies rolled must be fought if you are going for the good ending. If going for an evil ending, attack a town/group/etc once rolling a boss to ally with it; other enemies will attack you until then.)

    Cyclops: The normal giant 12 feet tall standard cyclops, these monsters are foot soldiers and the first beasts encountered, showing up in regimes of 12-20 they deal only physical damage equal to that of an A-rank. They have no magic and have 200hp each. Physical attacks are 50% less effective on these monsters.

    Two-Headed Snake: Large snakes of 20 feet long who sport two heads and use venomous magic, they can use an AoE smog that travels 15 meters from them dealing C-rank damage, bite people in a post dealing .5 D-rank DOT poison damage for 3 turns, and whip their tails to do A rank physical damage to whatever they hit. These snakes often show up 5-10 strong and have 300hp

    Chimeras: Averagely sized typical chimera’s they do not like seem like much of a threat at first, only showing up in groups of 2-4 at a time. However they have 500hp each, will often team up on the same mage, deal user-rank AoE damage with a max ranged roar, can each a magic attack up to user-rank once per post without taking damage, the snakehead deals user-rank DOT damage with a toxic bite and they can deal A-rank physical damage with ramming attacks

    Griffins: These are the masterminds behind the monster's recent strange aggressive advances. Like any good generals, they are accompanied by at least one set of all lower rank monsters when one appears. These must be defeated before it can truly be reached. This monster is capable of flight and uses multiple wind type spells, all of which deal user-rank damage to whoever they strike. His physical attacks deal User-rank spell damage, and if he happens to pick someone up and drop them from a great height, this increases to User-rank spell damage times two and stuns that character for a single post.

    Possible Rewards: 2 ranks of exp above the player, max 10-year rank exp (S rank+ gets 2x 10 year exp), 50k jewels for each player. (H ranks receive triple jewels [150k] reward as well)
    Note: No bonuses are added to rewards, as it is still an event.

    Sign up

    As a bunch of monsters, of different shapes and sizes, ran free crashing through houses and killing innocent people, seven feet tall white haired man stood on the hill looking at the Fat Monsterland with enthusiasm.
    I like this place! You can kill people and just say it's monsters. The best place ever! I should have come here before. he said smirking with excitement.
    The Magic Council had realised how much of a problem the monsters pose to the humans that live near there, and how not doing anything could damage their standing and their political power. Like any politician, they wanted to exploit the situation. Calling all able mages to help with the defeat of the monsters, they shall secure all the power they can get and take all the glory for themselves.
    That kind of move Smrt hated the most. Wanting to damage their reputation, instead of helping Smrt came here to help the monsters kill as many people as it is possible. This maybe the first time ever that he would be able to directly damage the Magic Council's standing in the world, and that gave him a sense of power.
    Before he did anything Smrt was waiting for his guildmate Indar and their master Dahau, smirking at all the dead. Smrt large stature gave him an excellent viewing on the beasts while he waited. There were all kinds of creatures destroying and killing. There stood battalions of Cyclops, over 10 feet tall, Two-Headed Snakes spitting poison and Chimeras, the most fascinating creatures among all, and Smrt needed to wait for the others before he could do anything.



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