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    In Progress Ice Dragon Slayer

    Post by WinterNight on 12th August 2017, 3:11 pm


    Primary Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer
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      She gained this magic in the cold west. She had just lost her family and was looking for someone to help her, she was around six years old. She was in the middle of a freezing cold blizzard, she wondered into a cave and sat down. Inside of the cave was the Ice Dragon Queen, Crystalion, the dragon looked at young winter night, then decided to teach and take care of her. She was the one who taught Winter how to use her magic.

    Dragon Slayer magic allows the user to incorporate the element Ice and eat external forces of it to restore their Body health and Magical energy. It also allows the user to have the physcial capabilities of a dragon. It is a type of lost magic.

     She uses it to attack with. She freezes her oppoents, and attacks with it by creating objects of ice. She also breathes it with a breath attack, she eats all ice directed attacks at her, to restore health and Magical energy.With this Magic, she is able to quickly form a great variety of ice structures that are suitable for a diverse range of purposes

    -She is able to eat ice to help her restore magical power and health. (i really dont have to go into detail with this one)
    -The cold does not affect her (she can go into very harsh and cold enviorments with little damage to her)
    -Can enhance her abilities (she can become better at some things)
    -Can use it for a diverse range of purposes
    -Can create all sorts of things with the ice
    -Can not eat her own ice (she can't eat any ice she makes)
    -Her bigger spells take a toll on her magical enegry and only can keep up most of the big spells for about 5 minutes before she has to stop.
    -her range is limited by the spell
    -Weak to Fire

    Lineage: Progeny Of Nyx

    Unique Abilities:
    -Night Form (For a brief duration, the user will meta-morph into a humanoid being of pure dark matter, making them virtually indestructible for a few moments.


    Name: Ice Dragon's Roar
    Rank: D
    Type: Ice, offensive
    Duration: 2 minutes
      It doesn't take much magical energy to cast it, but she can only use it once every other post.
    Description: The Ice Dragon Slayer's exclusive Dragon's Roar, incorporating the element of ice. With this spell, Kanami is able to gather a large amount of ice in her mouth before firing it toward her opponent in the form of several shards that are capable of ripping the opponent to shreds. The target hit with this spell will begin to be frozen over, trapping them in a block of ice. Its range is 5 meters, but only travels in a straight line.

    -It freezes the target
    -It is on the same par as the other dragon slayers
    -Doesn't take up much magical energy

    -It can only travel in a straight line
    -Can be countered by another breath attack
    -Extremely weak to fire attacks

    List of Spell Fusions:

    Name Sub Zero: 5 Layer Dance of the Ice Goddess
    Rank: B
    Type: Ice, Offensive
    Fused Spells
      The user surrounds them self with ice coating their whole body and twirls around like they are dancing at a extreme speed, releasing a huge wave of ice able to cover a large radius making it shattering anything within range.
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 6 posts

    -Shatters and Freezes anything in it path
    -Can cover a huge radius
    -Can't really be blocked, but can be dodged

    -Takes a huge toll on her magical energy
    -Can't use another spell after she uses this spell for 4 posts
    -Can be dodged
    -The attack hurts her, badly after she uses it
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    In Progress Re: Ice Dragon Slayer

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 16th December 2017, 6:53 pm


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