Nine-tailed Fox Takeover


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    Nine-tailed Fox Takeover

    Post by Noheme on 1st July 2017, 9:47 pm

    Nine-tailed Fox Takeover

    Evidence of Accomplishment:
    Flame of Gardens rekindled  (Magic change purchase)

    Magic Type:
    Caster Magic

    When Eris Sytry awoke one day, she was all alone and without any memories. Embarking on a new journey to find who she was in the past, she came across a Nine-tailed demon fox which taught her demon slaying magic. However, that was not all she received from this mysterious being. The great Fox called Vermillion also offered a piece of her own soul to the girl, something that would allow her to attain greater heights. And so the child of Astral Realm changed, no longer a goddess but also a demon. And with her magic already piercing the limits of reality itself, she obtained nine vixen tails, a symbol of her near omnipotence.


    • Very versatile as different partial takeovers can focus on something else and can deal with different situations, combining into a universal full takeover in the end
    • Because full takeovers combine several partial ones together, they can bring forth a great power in a single surge
    • Takeover of the nine-tailed demon fox is a beastly one, capable of transforming Eris into a monster which can fight even creatures that are much larger in scale than regular humans


    • Due to the nature of takeover magic, Eris’ power is greatly limited when outside of partial or full takeover, dependent solely on her signature spells and unique abilities
    • Each of the full takeovers, no matter how powerful, has a set durability threshold. Once this is achieved, the takeover will be broken, leaving Eris vulnerable
    • Due to the connection between partial and full takeovers, both enter cooldown once the second one expires its duration
    • The nature of both partial and full takeovers makes the magic into a truly selfish one, as only the user benefits from the empowerment effects which cannot be shared with others without an ability specifically designed to do so

    Unique Abilities

    Shadow Infusion
    ~Demon's body~
    Infusing magic of shadows into the soul of Vermillion that allows Eris to enter her full takeover the fox girl achieved something that could be called an unbreakable eternal takeover. This empowers her full takeover, allowing its durability to be “healed”. In simple terms, every healing ability performed on Eris will not only affect the girl’s actual health, but also the durability of her currently active full takeover. Repairing an active takeover is not so simple, however, as there are magical barriers that sometimes simply cannot be conquered. Because of that, durability will be only healed by 50% of the healing spell’s actual value. On the bright side, there is another bonus that a body partially made out of shadows brings. The girl's health will also be recovered by extra 5% every post. This regen does not takeover durability in any way.

    Feral Speed
    Aspect of the Wild
    The aspect of nine-tails resides within Eris at all times, giving her power even when she is outside of her takeover state. This power is great and easily compared to will and power found within feral and dangerous creatures. With this, the girl's speed, both one of movement and reactions, becomes equal to the speed of a single-target spell of her rank. Such ability allows her to move much faster, as well as completely change her base speed. The downside, however, is that Eris cannot enhance her speed any further. As such, all speed buff spells, both her own and from allies or foes, will not affect her whatsoever.

    Aurorial Flame Field
    Fire of recovery
    The first time Eris transformed and used the takeover of nine-tailed fox, she discovered it's flames served much more than just damaging her foes. They are very sensitive to the natural magic in the air and if the fox girl sends them further out of her body, she creates an invisible flaming barrier that does not damage foes, but rather reclaims 4% of MP for her on every single post. Since this is the cap of MP recovery, this field also makes it impossible for Eris to be affected by any other MP recovering spells.


    Takeover Spells:

    Name: Fox Demon's maw
    Rank: D
    Type: Partial takeover
    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Description: The maw of fox demon is a strange partial takeover, as it cannot be activated without the presence of full takeover. However, when it is activated, it contributes to creating the head of a nine-tailed demon fox and it's fairly standart abilities.
    Active Ability - Call:

    It seems that even nine-tailed foxes can howl on the moon, as Eris is capable of letting out such noise, letting the wind carry it for miles. This has absolutely no effect, but has a distinct tone that those who are close to her can recognise and thus have an easier time locating her.
    Duration / Cooldown - Instant / 2 posts
    Passive Ability - Feral Rage:

    As the maw of a feral animal is filled with many razor-sharp teeth, every single melee attack performed with it will have its damage increased by 50%. This only affects the melee damage and not magical one.
    Stat boost: 25% all damage increase


    • While the Call ability has no actual effect, Eris' howl can be heard miles away


    • Cannot be active on its own
    • Feral Rage only affects melee damage outcome
    • Call ability has no actual effect

    Name: Fox Demon's fur
    Rank: C
    Type: Partial takeover
    Duration: 5 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts
    Description: Fur is normally something that protects animals from the cold or perhaps even heat. However, the fur of the nine-tailed fox is nowhere near being a protective object, as the beast itself is often avatar of destruction. Its fur is of great black color and often capable of generating and expelling a great amount of magical energy that often takes the form of Aurorial flames which have ever changing color. When Eris activates this partial takeover, she will not grow any fur, however. Instead, her body will somewhat darken in color and her hair, as well as her tails, turn completely black, being suddenly engulfed in Aurorial flames. These do not burn, but they are magical in nature as they are in fact nothing more than dark ethernano manifested. Further bending and manipulating this energy gives the intended power to the soul’s owner.
    - No abilities -
    Stat boost: 25% all damage increase


    • Fur can feel comfortable to touch


    • Some allies can be allergic to the kitsune's fur
    • It's hard to take care of your furt when you don't have any thumbs

    Name: Fox Demon's paw
    Rank: B
    Type: Partial takeover
    Duration: 6 posts
    Cooldown: 7 posts
    Description: Legs, one of the more important parts of anyone's body. Upon activation, Eris' legs will be covered in black fur and the entire structure of her lower limbs will be slightly shifted to resemble those of a fox. While this can appear somewhat odd to the outsiders, it brings Eris some extra power as these are much stronger than legs of any human.
    Active Ability - Consumed Earth:

    The Aurorial fire is not only capable of being fired directly, but can also be infused with another already existing body. Placing her hands onto whatever Eris is standing at, she can form 75 meters wide area that will get covered in bright Aurorial flames. This area will stay active for the next three posts and will damage anyone who steps into it for 75% of B-ranked damage (45). This can happen up to three times for each enemy, meaning the spell is capable of dealing up to 2.25x it’s regular damage if the opponent is somehow forced into the flame three times.
    Duration / Cooldown - 3 posts / 4 posts
    -No passive Ability-
    Stat boost: 25% Endurance increase


    • As spells that deal damage over time, the active spell too can deal heavy damage if used to it’s full potential
    • Due to the size of active spell, it’s unlikely that the enemy can avoid being affected at least once unless they can fly


    • The active spell only covers ground, meaning the spell is completely ineffective against airborne targets
    • Consumed Earth deals only 75% of the rank’s regular damage at once, making it ineffective in certain situations
    • After being hit once by the active spell, enemies are probably not very likely to step on the burning ground again willingly
    • Once the Consumed Earth is active, the field remains in one place and will not move around with Eris
    • If the enemy remains on the burning ground after being hurt by it instead of leaving it, they can only be hurt by it again at the start of the next post

    Name: Fox Demon's nine tails
    Rank: A
    Type: Partial takeover
    Duration: 7 posts
    Cooldown: 8 posts
    Description: Perhaps the most important part of this specific magic, nine tails of the nine-tailed demon fox. Tails of a kitsune represent their power and it is said that once they obtain all nine, they achieve divinity. However, this beast is no deity but a demon instead, clad in shadows. And all nine of it's tails are representation of the monster's extreme power.
    Active Ability - Moon Fire:

    Forming a ball of raw flaming energy, in the air as Eris directs all of her tails toward the skies, she can aim it in any direction and simply fire it forth. This will result in engulfing the enemy in a laser with a diameter of 30 meters that can travel distance of 300 meters before dissipating and traveling 225 m/s. However, this spell is meant mainly for airborne targets, as it deals 150% of regular A-rank damage (120) to them and only pitiful 50% of regular A-rank damage (40) to targets on land. There is no requirement to how high in the air the target has to be, the only rule is that their body cannot be touching the ground beneath one’s feet.
    Duration / Cooldown - Instant / 5 posts
    Passive Ability - Ancient Power:

    Every single one of the tails represents a bit of the fox's power. One can only imagine how much of it the beast is actually hiding with all nine present. And now that they are all summoned with this partial takeover, Eris is being fed their power which drastically increases her damage dealt to any enemy by 40%. Increases both magic and melee damage.
    Stat boost: 25% Endurance increase


    • Active ability is extremely effective against any enemies in the right position
    • For the active ability to be effective, the enemy simply has to be in the air, even if they are a mere millimeter away from the ground


    • Active ability is extremely ineffective against any enemies in the wrong position
    • The Moon Flame has pretty small reach and cannot shoot down anything that is too far in the air
    • While the nine tails appear powerful and do feed Eris some extra juice, they still only hit for regular melee damage just like any other part of Eris' body would

    Name: Nine-tailed Fox
    Rank: S
    Type: Signature ; Full takeover
    Durability: 100%
    Duration: 10 posts
    Cooldown: 11 posts
    Description: Eris already is a nine-tailed fox even in her regular form. However, this takeover allows her to take on a feral appearance, a giant beast that is greater in size than your regular home. While some may find such form inconvenient for a regular style of battle, the girl tends to disagree and relishes in the unrestrained power she gains with this ability. Strangely enough, her weapons are affected by this too and grow to a size appropriate for such monster.
    Active Ability - Nine-Tailed Funeral Pyre:

    A powerful attack that utilizes the flames of a demon fox. During the preparation for this attack, Eris moves all of her tails in front of her head, every single one of them touching the ground for a moment and channeling the flames. This sends out a trail of aurorial flame towards the enemy at the speed of 225 m/s. The trail can travel up to 300 meters and once it connects to the enemy's body, a column of Aurorial flames will appear with the enemy in the center. Diameter of the column is roughly 150 meters. This column burns so hot that it even melts the surrounding area, nearly incinerating anyone who touches it. The attack deals full S ranked spell damage once it hits and 75% of S-ranked damage (75) to anyone who is caught in the blast but is not directly in the center of it.
    Duration / Cooldown - Instant / Once per post
    Total stat boost (all parts included): 50% all damage, 50% Endurance increase, 50% Damage resistance increase, 25% knockback resistance


    • An S-ranked powerful takeover, providing powerful boost to both speed and all outgoing damage, transforming Eris into a true death machine
    • Despite the feral appearance, Eris is still capable of wielding her swords in her maw or holding them with one of her tails, thus her primary magic is still usable
    • As a signature spell, the takeover is much more affordable and accessible than if it was a regular spell, despite losing some effectiveness due to this fact


    • Takeover of the Nine-tailed fox is not designed to be used in enclosed spaces, as Eris becomes huge after transformation which will become a problem if she activates the ability inside of a building
    • Bigger body also means way more opportunities for the enemy to hit the takeover. Not to mention that a takeover this big has no chance of hiding anywhere
    • The active ability activates only once the flaming trail touches the enemy, which means that if the enemy can fly or is fast enough, the spell cannot hit and won't even activate
    • Due to the intense heat of funeral pyre, allies that are weak against flame might find it rather difficult to be near this spell when it executes
    • Funeral Pyre only deals full damage to the enemy that it hits directly while everyone else caught in it will receive only a portion of the damage
    • The extreme magical power that flows through Eris’ body in this takeover means she can be sensed just about by anyone for miles

    Linked Spells:

    Name: Demon Drive
    Rank: S
    Type: Buff ; Offense
    Takeover link: Nine-tailed Fox
    Duration: 10 posts
    Cooldown: 20 posts
    Description:  The absolute pinnacle of demon fox magic, point at which Eris's transformed body becomes one of raw destructive energy that will lay waste to anything and everything in her path! Upon activation, the girl’s body will be engulfed in Aurorial flames, parts of her body transforming and appearing as simple energy spots that radiate power. The air around her will become saturated with magical energy and high pressure that does not have any actual effects, but might very well scare off weaker targets. Once in this state, all of Eris’ damage, both magical and melee is increased by 100%. However, an extreme strain is also placed on her body as it literally becomes energy that she feeds off of. She herself cannot cancel this state once activated and will continue taking 10% of her overall HP as damage. This damage is not counted toward takeover durability damage and cannot be healed by passive regeneration. The only way to cancel this spell before it's full duration's gone is by breaking the full takeover this ability is linked to via inflicting enough durability damage. This cannot be reduced by any means, both internal and external. On the last post of this state, the vixen also receives another hit of S-ranked damage before the extra power disappears, leaving her in a dazed state where all of her damage and speed is reduced by 50% for the next 2 posts.

    • Extremely potent buff to Eris' abilities for the entire spell’s duration
    • The magical pressure that will surround the girl can scare off enemies that are far below her rank. This is not an actual effect, but can be used as plot point


    • Upon activation, Eris lights up as a flare nearly instantly. This makes it completely impossible for her to hide from the enemy in any way
    • The heavy magical pressure that fills the air when this spell is active will efficiently warn everyone present, including enemies, that they should be wary of the girl because something major is going down
    • For as long as this spell is active, Eris will continue on taking heavy damage that is based on her maximal health and cannot be reduced by damage resistance or shielding spells
    • Since the user cannot willingly deactivate this spell once it has been cast, it will secure the user’s death if they do not possess any healing due to the heavy damage that they will receive over its duration
    • After the spell’s duration expires, the user will become dazed and their damage, as well as speed, will be reduced drastically for the next couple of posts
    • Has much greater cooldown than any other spells of the same rank, doubling its own duration
    • As the spell is linked to the full takeover, it cannot be cast outside of it


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