Controller of All Matter


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    Controller of All Matter

    Post by Sekushi on 28th May 2017, 6:15 pm

    Primary Magic: Matter Manipulation

    Secondary Magic: N/A

    Description: A Caster Magic that Sekushi has been able to use since birth.

    Sekushi is able to manipulate the solid, liquid, and gaseous substance of the Earth around him. The Aurence is able to create matter, control matter, and destroy matter. Sekushi uses his magic by shifting certain things around him and creating all new things. The magic is really diverse. This magic is difficult to use and hard to control because of the fact that it's potential is limitless and Sekushi can do so many different things with it. He doesn't accidentally want to destroy his friends or destroy his guild.



    - The magic is so diverse and can be used for so many different things.

    - Sekushi is able to destroy matter and labels it as 'Anti-Matter'.

    - Matter is effective against almost anything thanks to the fact of endless possibilities.



    - Overuse of this magic can have severe consequences for the user.

    - Because his control is so vast, he adopts many weaknesses.

    - It's not always good to use Matter and he may hurt someone he actually loves.

    - This magic is destructive and hard to control, making it that much worse.



    Feeling Empty

    Description: A thousand years or two ago, a small little village was struck with a horrible curse by a power-hungry demon, each inhabitant losing half of their soul to the demon. No one saved them. The Magic Council, the freelance mages, the guilds and even the dark guilds did not dare to go near them, for with their half of their souls gone, the forbidden Container of magic power known as the Second Origin within each of them was left wide open like a black hole and whenever they got close to magic, magic was drawn towards them, absorbed by the empty half of their soul. As a result, ostracized by the magic-dominated world, they were cordoned off from the world like a disease, left in their shell of a village to rot. However, they strove to live despite this predicament and they did. Eventually, history forgot their 'crimes' and the descendants of these villagers were let out into the world, still holding the diluted version of the curse within them.

    Ability: The user in missing half of their soul has resulted in the opening of their Second Origin, the secret container of magic that very few mages get the chance to access. However, unlike its original purpose, having been opened since the user's birth, the Second Origin is empty and hungry. It is like a black hole for magic energy, though not as potent as its original, but still useful in your fights, for if your opponent manages to smack you with a spell, don't worry about the injuries, you can catch some of their magic energy away for your own usage. The user gains MP equal to half the spell used to attack them that they were getting hit by.

    Usage: 3 posts with a 8 post cooldown. The user can only absorb MP from one spell they are hit by per post and they can only absorb the MP from a spell of their rank or lower(Max S-rank).

    Unique Abilities:

    - States of Sekushi: Matter is known in many different states. There is solid matter, liquid matter, gaseous matter, and the rarest kind, plasma matter. Throughout his childhood, as Sekushi learned how to control matter, he learned how to change himself as well. He's able to change into a liquid, gas, or plasma without reaping any side effects. In liquid form, he is able to change his body into a sort of liquid, not really specified which one. He can access and go through things that humans usually can't (ex. the smallest places you can imagine). He is also able to go through any physical matter without being damaged. He can still be damaged by different kinds of magic. He can only use water type magic in liquid form. In gaseous form, he's able to turn into a gas and basically vanish. Once again, nothing physical can hurt him (magic can still hurt him), and he can go to places human usually can't. He's basically able to fly though as he isn't physical and is taken away with the air. When he's in his gaseous form, he can't be seen at all and is great for stealth. In Gaseous form, he can only use wind type spells. In plasma for, he's able to turn into Plasma that can severely burn and severely electrocute anyone that touches him (his rank and below). It's sort of like lava and other hot liquids in the Earth. It's also very electrical like thunder. It's a mix of Solid and Liquid, allowing him to use the description from those two into one. Fire damage is upgraded by one rank in this form. In plasma form, he can only use fire type spells and lightning type spells.

    - (Cool Name): Sekushi is able to sense the matter around him in a twenty-meter radius, meaning that he'll know if anybody is trying to sneak up on him, if a spell is being launched at him, or if a sort of projectile is thrown at him. He can sense disruptions in the matter and know exactly where it came from and an exact view of what it is so he knows how to respond accordingly.



    Name: Flaming Aurence
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Fire, Defensive, and Offensive.
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Description: Sekushi creates flaming orange fire around his whole entire body, making it dangerous for anyone to get close to him, and making every single physical attack hurt more. If any Water Spell that is D-Rank is within a five-meter radius of him, it evaporates. Physical damage dealt by Sekushi with this spell on is 5% more effective. If anyone tries to physically attack him, then they will receive D-Rank Fire Damage and be burnt.
    - Makes it hard for anyone to hit him.
    - Any water spell above D-Rank can cause this spell to cancel.
    - It can easily hurt allies who touch him or get too close.

    Name: Matter Destruction
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Defensive.
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 2 Posts
    Description: Sekushi holds his hand out and controls the matter around a certain projectile spell and forcibly shuts the matter together, effectively canceling the spell.
    - Allows Sekushi to effectively cancel out spells.
    - Can't cancel any spell that is above D-Rank.
    - It can only be used against projectile related spells.

    Name: Accelerating Upgrade
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Lightning, Supportive.
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Description: Sekushi overloads his muscles and veins with electrocuting matter, so much that you can visibly see lightning bolts dancing against his skin. This spell increases his speed by 50% and allows him to physically attack faster than usual.
    - Sekushi can use this spell in sync with other spells.
    - The electrical currents surrounding his body don't do anything.
    - Not one of the fastest speed boosting spells.

    (Based off of Lineage)

    Name: Matter Overdrive
    Rank: D-Rank (Rank of Sekushi)
    Type: Offensive, Defensive, and Supportive.
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 8 Posts
    Description: Sekushi continues to absorb MP until he reaches the stage of where he can't control all of the mana and has to basically go into overdrive. This increases the user's speed, strength, and endurance by 75% and basically allows them to go berserk. Once this happens, Sekushi will gain a faint glow of blue around him, and will basically brush off any attack - that is below his rank - off.
    - Sekushi can use this spell in sync with other spells.
    - Once the spell is over, he will become really sluggish and tired. It's a last resort.
    - The duration and cooldown are exactly related to his lineage.
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    Re: Controller of All Matter

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 16th December 2017, 7:32 pm


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