A Shaman's Return and Souls of The Past [Balanca Core Job | Mura & Kanix]

    Mura Kensho

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    A Shaman's Return and Souls of The Past [Balanca Core Job | Mura & Kanix]

    Post by Mura Kensho on 2nd May 2017, 2:16 am

    Job Info:
    Post no. 108
    Job Title:
    The Balance Core
    (One Time Only)


    Player Requirements:
    B Rank(s)
    2x Or More C Ranks
    A Mix of Ranks
    Maximum 6 Players

    Job Requirements:
    12,000 words minimum
    +3,000 words per player, if in a group
    Kill all 4 bosses in order they're listed

    Job Location:
    Divide Island

    Job Description:
    An island surrounded by mystery and rumor.
    Scientists only being able to inspect certain places, but never the middle...
    Strange sounds from underwater scans...
    The presence of extremely high magic power being felt...

    Divide Island is the focus of this mission. A group of scientists are hiring you to go in and find the source of this magic power they're sensing, and retrieve it for them. They require than only wizards go on this task, noting that a single mediocre conjurer of cheap tricks would not suffice.

    Upon arriving to the area, there is 1 single path that you can take. Upon trying to fly, you're immediately shot down to the ground regardless of how high in rank you are. Trying to tunnel through the earth, or take any other option besides this path results in failure as well. This path will take you along the outer edge of the island before coming to a point where you can go through a very narrow path, into a lush green area in the middle. The bosses can be summed at any point in the job, and do no need to be rolled. Any "Boss" roll from the dice can either summon the boss, or be converted into 2x Strong Rank, 4x Normal Rank, or 8x Weak Rank enemies.

    Along this path, the mages will face several automated creations that seem to be older than magic itself, but at the same time, appears that these creations aren't that far from the golems, and magic sentries of this age. A true testament to how advanced the civilization was, or how out dated modern magic was.

    Weak: Totem Head x10
    A single stone structure that appears to be a piece of a totem pole. It is able to fire unlimited shots of magic at you that is non-elemental. These deal B Rank melee damage. It can also explode if it gets close, which deals B Rank magic damage to all withing 10 meters. Luckily, they all go down in a single hit of any rank due to being so old that their power has decayed considerably.

    Normal: Mechanical Birds x30
    A flurry of stone birds, perfectly detailed to look almost real. They fly stupid fast, and attack in rapid succession. It takes either 30 attacks of any rank to beat them all, or 1 B Rank or Higher AoE. The birds normally flock and attack 1 person (the highest rank) so it's not that hard to blast em.

    Strong: Tiger Automation
    A 4 foot tall, 9 foot long, 2 foot wide tiger made of stone. It seems to be just as vicious as other tigers, and will require quite a bit of hassle to defeat. ((no specification on HP for it as the player will be given freedom of RP to make the fight fun.))

    Boss 1: Black Tortoise
    On the North side of the island is a single Black Tortoise that seems to be unafraid of you entirely. It approaches you, asking your business, and demands you fight it before you're allowed to continue. It attacks with Earth magic that cannot be consumed by any kind of slayer. The tortoise is also able to summon earth golems to fight for it, as well as earth spikes if players get too close.

    Boss 2: White Tiger
    On the west side of the island is a single 10 foot tall, 20 foot long, and 4 foot wide massive White Tiger. Much like the Tortoise, it will speak with you before having you fight it. The tiger uses Metal based attacks, and is extremely fast. It's metal magic cannot be consumed by any kind of slayer.

    Boss 3: Phoenix
    On the South side is a large, 20 foot long phoenix with a 40 foot wingspan. As with all the bosses, it will speak with you before entering a battle. The bird attacks with Fire magic that can't be consumed by players, and when defeated will erupt into flames, and rise from its own ashes. Instead of making you fight it again, the bird will simply let you pass as you've been kind enough to give it a very good fight.

    Boss 4: Soul Dragon
    On the east side is a large clearing with a pristine lake that stretches for an incredible distance. A large dragon rests on a small island in the middle of it and upon you noticing it, will walk through the lake and speak to you. It speaks in proverbs, giving you cryptic messages instead of straight answers. The dragon said it will provide you a single piece of somewhat powerful weaponry, in exchange for your secrecy but only if you can win a fight with him. The dragon uses soul magic, and is able to summon anything you can imagine and then some. It can also breathe fire, and attack with its claws, tail, and teeth. The fire can only be consumed by Soul Slayers, and deals melee damage.

    Upon defeating the dragon, you'll be given one of the most powerful weapon in existence. As soon as you get back to the scientists who took you here, your memory of the island and all in it will be wiped by a mysterious force.

    Aside from Normal job XP

    1x Legendary Weapon

    Today’s duty was simple; having noticed a few scientists visit the guild, Mura had been quite curious about their intentions and issues. Apparently, they were from an independent organization of scientists with non-magical works and benefits, but this unique theory required a mage’s power. The island deep in the ocean, Divide Island, had been emitting a high level of magic power recently, and to find out what exactly the core of this energy was, they went to Fairy Tail for support. Mura was present to accept the deal; he would search for the core and possibly find it, and they would pay him off a good profit to the guild. However, one of them had suggested to ask another mage, just in case if the young-looking male was to fall in trouble. The shaman didn’t know of that, though, and took off to the direction that was shown from a third of the scientists by a Lacrima.

    The air felt so soft upon his face as he soared out. The flying function was extremely handy in journeys to the far lands, and he had full control over it, unlike Takumi or Hera who utilized Rose and Coal’s flying capabilities to levitate. Kyuken and Zirconis soared alongside him, while the two ghosts were having a conversation:

    “So, who’s going to be the second helper?”
    “… Who do you think will be?”
    “Perhaps Hana again. She surprised us last time at the beach and… oh man, that was a nice day to live.”
    “Hah! Yeah, except the fact that you’re not exactly living.”
    “Well, I was spiritually alive! You weren’t even with us, so you missed a lot, my scaled pal!”
    “I can assure you that if any Dragon Slayer was apparent, then I would prefer staying home…”
    “Y-You do know that none of them has ever killed, like, a real, huge dragon like you… at least from my knowledge.”
    “Doesn’t make a difference. Why don’t they call themselves Dragon Mages, then? At least I could brag about being a real dragon if so…”
    “W-Well, if you had the power to kill a dragon-“
    “Which I do have.”
    “-then wouldn’t you call yourself… oh wait, you’re a Dragon yourself. Does that make you cannibal?”
    “W-What do you think that I do? Eat my preys? Well, then again…”

    The conversation was taking a nasty turn, so Mura decided to interrupt: “I… I think that I can see the island.” The Divide Island was a huge vast of land in the middle of the sea, but nonetheless was it unique to the point that Mura’s eyes couldn’t move from the regular-looking piece of rock. From up there, Divide Island looked a bit like Galuna Island, but that depended on perspective. He approached the land, and when crossing the shore, he could feel it- BUMP! His face hit the sand harshly due to what felt like the intense gravity that pulled him down. However, standing on the surface, the gravity eased again. “… Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch…” he mumbled, while he pushed himself up the sand, “That surprised me… hey, what was that?” He kept moving his gaze around and spotted that he stood right before the island itself, while a small road was apparent before him.

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