The Bloodstained Child (private)

    Nimue Blackwood

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    The Bloodstained Child (private)

    Post by Nimue Blackwood on 22nd December 2016, 8:55 am


    A child walked silently through the alley, clothes and face smeared with blood. His green eyes full of delight over the sight of his latest victim, cowering against the wall. He smiled, a dangerous smile, and it was then that he stopped before the woman he had captured. He wrinkled his nose at her sobs, and her pleas for him to let her go. She offered the child money, and he snorted aloud. He wasn't doing this for the money, he was doing it for fun. He slapped the woman upside the head, a hard blow that knocked her backwards. She screamed, causing the child to wince. This was why he liked men better, they didn't make such annoying high pitched shrieks.

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