Hunting the One Piece (Job/Private, Tex Technol)

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    Hunting the One Piece (Job/Private, Tex Technol)

    Post by Seryth Essora on 13th December 2016, 7:39 pm

    Find the "One Piece"

    Midget Brigands x3
    These midgets have a strange habit of wearing pots as hats growing giant mushrooms out of them. They only attack physically, and are pretty weak, dealing 1 C rank of damage per hit. Take 1 B rank damage to defeat. Don't make fun of them, or they will try to swarm the person laughing.

    Hammer Wielding Pirates x2
    These pirates are trained in throwing hammers as their course of attack. Both have an unlimited of hammers, and can throw four per turn and deal B rank for each that hits. Take 3 B rank to defeat. While good at throwing the hammers, they are terrible when within melee range and will instead try to back up to throw their weapons.

    Blacksatche's Pet: Anomaly, the tamed vulcan.
    Blackstache had managed what some thing to be impossible; taming a vulcan! The vulcan attacks physically, and once per turn will throw explosive barrels at each person in the party. Physical hits deal B rank damage, the barrels dealing A rank damage. Takes 10 B rank hits to defeat. Only one can be rolled. Any more of them will be turned into 2 normal rolls.

    Blackstache the Pirate
    The leader of the pirates you are racing for the "One Piece" that is said to be the reason for Divide Island's divide. As an A rank wizard Blackstache has his own unique make magic, Cannon Make Magic. He is able to create cannons that can fire any type of object out of them, which are also made with the magic. Shots fired from the cannon deal A rank damage to all that get hit. Takes 15 B rank hits to take down.

    Awakening from the bed of her apartment with a loud groan, Yuki cast her glance furtively to the silken sheets which covered most of the other person in her bed. The light-skinned vixen reached over to the bed's side and slipped something skimpy on - it would be enough for her to wear around the house she mused. Flesh which was frozen in time flexed as she stretched and quietly stepped from the bedroom and to the foyer to pick up the morning delivery of eggs and milk. Settling quietly over the island, Yuki decided to grab a skillet from her pots hanging above. Drawing it down, she whipped up two eggs and withdrew some slices of bacon from her ice box. Tossing down the bacon on the skillet and turning up the cooking range, Yuki began to mix salt and pepper into her eggs and nursed the crackling strips of bacon frying in the grease. Once the strips were fried up, next went in the eggs which were scrambled. Yuki plated the breakfast along with a bottle of milk and used a waxed paper to seal in her partner's breakfast so it would still be hot when Tex awoke. Scurrying away to the mailbox, Yuki came back in soon after with her copy of Sorcerer's Magazine and mostly junk mail which was quickly discarded to the offal, but one letter in particular interested her. Speaking loudly so it rung throughout the house, she yelled. "TEX, WAKE UP! Come eat your breakfast then we have something to talk about!"

    Yuki didn't wait for Tex to arrive and even after her partner arrive Yuki would indicate to the meal, cutting through the seal and opening the envelope to reveal the letter within. Withdrawing the pure white letter, Yuki opened it and began to read it's contents in full. Once she had fully read the letter she set it aside and took to her food. Yuki truly didn't need the nourishment of food anymore and processing it had become a bit of a problem that at times the woman had to fix forcefully, but she did enjoy the taste still which was worth having to periodically drain her body of the material waste. Once both of them had eaten their breakfast, Yuki would explain the business they needed to talk about and include the letter into the conversation. For the moment, she was processing the information and deciding whether to take the request contained within the letter or not. Yuki was serious when it came to work, but she wanted to have some time with her partner beforehand.

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