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    Of Kings And Assassins


    The Phoenix
    The Phoenix

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    Re: Of Kings And Assassins

    Post by Kirahunter on 28th December 2016, 8:17 pm

    Simon was surprised to see his massive magma fist hit Hera, he really did expect her to dodge. Not that it mattered his magma magic was likely near harmless to a fire slayer like her, especially such a weak spell. But it would be enough to knock her through the castle wall which partially collapsed on top of the fire slayer. Simon retracted the magma back into the form of his arm with a confused look on his face, "Er well I guess that works? That should hold her for a moment I suppose, but I doubt I did any real harm there." He had somehow managed to momentarily trap Hera, for how long he was unsure, so he had to make use of the opening. He wasn't one to strike a downed opponent so he had to find another way to capitalize on the time.

    He surveyed his surroundings, no greater threat had emerged just yet and it seemed Ardere had successfully gone ahead without them. Summer seemed to be in good shape, and was particularly colorful at the moment as well. He nodded at her as explained his assessment of the situation, "Looks like we lucked out with the Hera situation. We should probably push ahead to catch up with Ardere. There's no telling what other powerful mages this king has tricked into helping him." Almost as he said it maybe twenty guards flooded the corner of the courtyard they were standing in. Simon groaned in frustration and in preparation for the fight knocked his fists together willing them to be surrounded by magma, "Magma Maulers!" He waved his new magma arms at them in a warning gesture, "You should all stand down, or me and the lady here are going to give you a real bad time." Their response was to level their spears at the mages.

    The guards seemed very unlikely to stand down and seemed primed to attack. Simon turn his back to Summer to face the enemy and put his guard up taking a boxing like stance. He shouted back at Summer explaining his new impromptu plan, "Alright so we rush hem together and punch them all out. We break through their ranks and run to the wall. There you jump on my back and I'll jump us over the wall to the courtyard where Ardere is. Good? Good." Hardly waiting for a response Simon rushed the guards. In immediate retaliation the front line of guards thrust their spears at Simon who brushed aside the attacks with his magma coated arms, melting the heads off their spears as he struck them. With their weapons down Simon lashed out with a wide roundhouse kick that knocked them back towards their allies. Not wasting anytime he dashed ever forward throwing himself into the next wave of battle.

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    Re: Of Kings And Assassins

    Post by Terith on 31st December 2016, 11:35 pm

    it may sound absurd but don't be naive
    even heroes have the right to bleed
    The proposal was anything but remotely awkward to do, since hopping on a star would've been only seen in between the pages of children's books. But as passive as he was then, the swordsman couldn't be even the least bit bothered of the impromptu proposal and would only respond to the fairy with a shrug of shoulder, sporting an expression that could've been easily dismissed as a passing glance.

    "...Alright." is all he says,

    Torian briefly sought for an agreement from the lingering presence in the pits of conscience, but all he ever got was the illusion of a ghost smile, afloat among his scattered thoughts as if the spirit found the idea amusing. The blonde dug an idle frown into his jaw, wondering if the solitary soul in his Chronicle had been reduced into silence in his mockery for Torian's helplessness, but his lack of empathy paid him enough relief to care less of any sort of jesting that the origin might've willed upon him. Hence, with a huff, he'd deftly place him atop the blue starling, his legs awkwardly bending as he stood, balancing his weight with as much control as he could manage.

    Beneath him, the creature shifted, and the swordsman could only hope that it wasn't out of discomfort that made it do so. He'd feel the wind slightly brushing off his cheeks as the star took initiative to send its body afloat, breaching the entire length of the desolate wall that hindered Torian's progression only a few minutes before. The flying sensation was oddly comforting, as if he'd done this before, but he had little time to truly dot on the nostalgia as the approaching surface bore the remnants of a fight that had yet to end. From his vantage point, the swordsman could make out the faint figures of people fending off a number of palace guards, and one could only assume their alliance to the Magic Council's direct orders, much like him.

    "Thanks for the ride..." he told the two, his smile still visible beneath the shadows of his cloak. With a kick to his leg, he'd descend from the other side of the wall to the proceeding area, carefully avoiding the debris that littered the expanse. As he shuffled from foot to foot, he realized that late entry made his involvement in the fight quite difficult, feeling his self-induced incompetence snaking up psyche as him sword arm shook slightly at the wrist, where Kushinada's handle started to weigh more than what it used to be.

    Why was he even here, anyway?

    From the shadows, he'd watch a man ravage his way through a barrage of palace guards, prompting himself to request his origin to unravel the bind on his hood with the right words -"Memento mori." he'd mumble, the words slipping by as he fumbled his way past the fallen bodies. The spirit offered nothing more but a snap to his fingers and the linger of a chuckle, unable to hide his amusement for Torian's choice to avoid combat as of then. And with little delay between one moment and the next, his figure were to be devoured by a blue flame, padding his skin with black leather and crowning his head with a helm-like structure that did wonders to omit his existence then, as he blended neatly into the lurking shadows. At this point, he considered clamoring up the walls and simply generating assistance for his party should they need it, but with the way things were going, it seems that the primary objective was to head to the king's location as soon as possible.

    Torian raced up a neighboring wall as the thought manifested through his nerves, his body bent down as he followed the line of battle. From the corner of his vision, a small patch of sign of movement seemed to catch his attention. It was a woman, from the outline itself, and perhaps, whether it was whim or instinct, the swordsman decided to lend her his aid as he observed her carefully through a blue tint.

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    Re: Of Kings And Assassins

    Post by Gisen Ceostra on 7th January 2017, 12:08 pm

    As the bunny girl stood in wait of her replies, she took another chomp of her carrot. Both Aiyana and the man between the two had declined her offer, apparently unable to eat under the circumstances from which were coming around. Pure lightweights... Oh well!~ Gisen simply shrugged at the declining party and chuckled a little as she looked over as they all continued to fight. "I don't she how you take thingsh sho sheriously. It'sh like-" She paused and swallowed the carrot she was chewing on and let out a sigh of relief. "Anyway, we can still resolve this without fighting. Like, we're both on opposite sides and I'm willing to sit down and help resolve issues. If anything, maybe seeing it could make others stop being dummies."

    While she waited for her reply to the offer, they were all interrupted by a rather loud crashing sound. The small shake and loud impact made the bunny girl squeak loudly and physically leap behind Aiyana, peering over her right arm to see the fire mage in front of them. The foul smell of his ungodly magics origin, whatever it may have been caused her senses to shift slightly. She got slightly defensive, though hearing Aiyana chime in next had her stop the idea to interact with the strange person. She could feel the aura slightly eating away the area around her, making her step before him and push a gust of white wind about, bringing what dead and decayed surrounding back to life. "Cut that out. You're hurting papa with that evil aura you have!" She'd get right in Ard's face, the white winds starting to circle her as she had to work to keep his aura eating away at the ground around them. She'd stare right at Ard, unwavering or moving at until he would. Should he, she'd back off and down from him, but otherwise it would end up in a very awkward meeting.


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    Renald Adolfus

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    Re: Of Kings And Assassins

    Post by Renald Adolfus on 10th January 2017, 12:10 am

    For a moment it seemed the fighting was quieting down until a man slammed to the ground in the courtyard with a dark aura of heat. It was not a surprise to see a stronger mage make his way through the royal guards that he had. They were not trained to fight against such power, and were woefully under geared for it unlike, for example, a regiment of troops from Pergrande. The words he spoke were nearly music to his ears, the king proud that this hired mage from Fiore was willing to talk to end the fighting. Before Renald could speak, however, the rabbit featured woman would do a threatening maneuver. Once their auras clashed the man spoke up, in the hopes to keep them from fighting.

    "Please, I wish for nothing more but a peaceful resolution to this conflict. If we could all remain calm and gather together to speak I will gladly bring you all inside to speak about this. Unless out here is preferred." The king would speak loud enough for Ardere to hear him, the guards nervously looking around and obviously afraid of the things that he was talking about. They did not trust anyone here, even the mages hired to work beside them, but they would remain in positions and not attack unless fighting broke loose.

    Those on the outer parts of the walls would hear a buzzing noise, a noise that had actually been there the whole time, but would not see what was causing it. It was nothing to fear, just another guard that was being held back until absolutely needed.

    First of all, sorry for the small post! Not much went on this round that really needed him so I got to the point so we could get this moving towards completion ASAP!

    All guards are on high alert in the courtyard and are not actively trying to fight anyone that is inside of it. Those outside will still attack anyone acting aggressively with them.

    The buzzing is a special guard, one that won't be used if non-combat continues.

    NPC image:


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    Re: Of Kings And Assassins

    Post by Hera-senpai on 10th January 2017, 2:17 pm

    Before Hera had a chance to respond, Simon threw an arm forward as a huge stream of magma literally flew through the air at Hera. Widening her eyes with surprise, she smirked and decided too take the attack head on without even defending it.

    KABLOOM! she was lifted off of her feet and tossed right through a pillar as the stream continued to push her right through the walls of the castle with a huge explosion of brick and dust. She hung onto it from the exterior of it, visible to everyone else outside of the castle as a huge blast of magma erupting from one of the walls.

    Her ponytail swinging in the wind, she could see her skin extremely hot and red. Although a normal person would've been melted to shreds. Even compared too other fire mages, she was highly resistant to heat. The fact that the spell was even able to heat her body up at all was testament to Simon's strength alone. However...it had really pissed her off. With dirt and grime all over her now, Hera dug her hands into the piece of the castle she was holding onto.

    It began to melt as flames licked off of her hands and body, as she pulled herself up back through the hole created.

    "What's gotten into you, Simon?" she asked in a sad yet haunting voice that seemed to boom over the sounds of battle around her. "Helping the Council with this madness....trampling on the peace of another nation....where has the Fairy Tail wizard in you gone?" she pulled herself up as flames began to spawn from her body as she walked back toward the group. The royal guard surrounding Simon and Summer seemed to part a bit as Hera approached, the sound of intense fire roaring from her like a literal burning bush.

    "Now you've gone and done it.....sorry about this Summer. I hope we can still be friends. But I won't let you help Fiore start a war."

    Sky Dragon's Roar

    Within a split second, Hera inhaled a huge amount of wind that caused bricks and glass to shatter from the sheer inhale alone, and exhaled a huge 325 tall and wide tornado that literally lifted the ground itself up as the wind carved through it, whipping into a huge F-5 tornado that would easily slam Simon and Summer both through multiple pillars and walls at this point, facing the Courtyard, the gale force winds could easily push and bounce them through multiple hallways right into Ardere and the King. The roar itself was far too large to see around. (100HP if hit)

    At that location, a huge tornado would come ripping into the environment from a ways behind them, barreling sideways and clearing over fountains and sending bricks and grass alike flying into the air. Either Simon and Summer would come flying through with it or just the tornado itself. At this point, the Royal Guard that had been surrounding Simon and Summer went screaming and running away in a huge panic. As Hera looked extremely deadly amidst the disappearing wind and dust, standing firm with her fists balled up at her side. Flames dancing off of her every now and then.

    Fire Dragon's Fists

    Without hesitating as soon as the roar cleared Hera would pound her fists together as both of them caught aflame with even more intense whirling fire, Hera would run straight at Summer with a single exploding step, moving over 200MPH, and deliver a flaming haymaker to her with her entire arm coated in flames (210HP if hit).

    Followed by a boxing bounce, Hera would slap away Summer's hand or feet, or even take a firework right to the face to deliver a spinning Shoryuken wrapped in flames like Ken from street fighter. (270HP if hit).

    Fire Dragon's Rising Upper

    As soon as her fist made contact with Summer, or the air next to her if she missed by a hair, a huge net of flames would wash outward, scorching walls black and melting the ground all around them as Hera landed from her uppercut with a swish of her ponytail. Looking over her shoulder with a flick of her eye, as the two hit combo ending in Slayer uppercut of flames had only taken about four seconds against Summer, she would spot Simon.

    Fire Dragon's Talon

    Twirling backward through the air like a gymnast off of a trampoline, her flaming aura would intensify around her leg briefly as she came whirling down at him at over 200MPH, with a cartwheel kick to his shoulder and neck area; a huge amount of flames would whirl and boil around Hera off of her leg onto Simon, or the ground just in front of him if she missed. The explosion was cataclysmic, as a huge tower of flames bursted into the air and then outward in another huge 100ft exploding rush of flames that loosed some bricks from the foundation of the castle walls itself. (240 if hit)

    As Hera leaped into the air through the rubble, she would curl tightly into a ball before inhaling again as the heat in the area began to raise and swim. With a mighty exhale, a literal inferno of fire rushed down from her mouth and slammed into the ground like a waterfall, gushing and whirling out in all directions in thick flames.

    Fire Dragon's Roar

    Hera was suspended mid-air from the sheer gravity of the roar as she continued to exhale flames, torching a good 1/3 of the castle down upon Simon and Summer's location. Her ponytail flapping furiously from the force of the roar. As she stopped exhaling, the flames would hiss loudly in the air, as all the trees in a third of the castle looked crispified. Some falling over with loud thuds.

    (100HP if hit)

    Landing, as she snorted smoke like a Dragon. She would look around the blackened and smoke filled area, raising a fist covered in flames.

    "Now then, I have a king to protect. You two are more than welcome to meet me there if you'd like. But I suggest you come with an attitude adjustment! Navrick isn't handing over anything to our corrupt ass Council!" with that, Hera's feet would go ablaze with flames as she rocketed off with speed over 300MPH leaving behind two trails of flame to show where she went.

    Fire Dragon's Blazing Speed

    Up and over a wall, and around a large tower her train track like trail went. Until she sprung off of the tower with a single pop of fire in the distance, kicking off of it as she soared high into the air; with a single flip, she started her descent into the courtyard. Spotting Ardere in slow-motion, she would land alongside the King, Aiyana, and Gisen.

    Dues Corona

    Standing to her feet, she would use Sky Dragon Magic immediately, flicking her hand to her side as a huge white light shone from Aiyana, Gisen, Hera, and the King. The white light would shimmer bright mana blue, as a small breeze that smelled of air freshener would gust backward off of the entire group once, even gusting Ardere's flames around a bit as the breeze settled. The group looked the same, but they would look extremely healthy as the glow from the enchantment faded. (Max HP raised by 240HP by an invisible Sky Dragon barrier for all allies within sight)

    "Can never be to careful now can we?" she said as she held her hand at her side. Making eye contact with Ardere, she waited quietly, crossing her arms. She stood there, her ponytail swaying in an occasional breeze. A bit of dirt on her face and thighs from being blasted through a wall by Simon, and from pretty much blowing up 1/3 of the castle upon them in response. "Why are you helping Fiore walk all over another nation Ardere? Is glory so important that you'd become the bad guy? What's happened to you...and Simon." Hera said looking a bit sad, but infuriated as her previous flaming aura flared up a bit, but then died down in a swoosh. "I can't believe we've become enemies......if my father could see this." she turned to the King. "No matter what he asks....don't accept any terms that end in your releasing the Infinity Clock to Fiore....it's more dangerous in our hands than yours at this point. Just look what we did to try and get it....invaded an entire country. Imagine what we'll do once we have it."

    Although Hera was weary that if the Council heard that their forces had failed. The Magic Council would unleash Etherion upon Navrcik, and destroy the entire country in one fell blast, with all of them right along with it. Infinity Clock included. She just hoped she could get off THAT spell in time if it came down to that.

    Ardere stood alone in his courtyard staredown against the four of them now. Rose eventually caught up to them, landing on Hera's shoulder as the blonde kept her focus on Ardere.


    HP: 1005 / 925
    MP: 88%

    Spells & Abilities Used:

    Name: Deus Corona
    Rank: A
    Duration: 10 Posts
    Cooldown: 11 Posts
    Type: Slayer

    Description: Creates an incredible skin tight, magical defensive wall around allies nearby that's invisible until struck. When struck, the forcefield whirls with gale force wind and raw magic.

    Strengths: Can defend against 3 A-Ranked spells. Or 1 and 1/2 S-Ranked spells. Grants all allies within sight an invisible magical barrier with 240 extra HP on top of their natural HP. The gale force that deflects spells can't be seen until a spell hits. The gale force is filled with raw magic power, so it's not just wind. When a spell hits, a forcefield of A-Ranked wind and raw blue mana deflect spells before disappearing again.  

    Weaknesses: Once 10 posts are up, the extra 240HP of armor from allies disappears. Doesn't actually heal allies. Does no damage. Zero offensive application for Hera or her allies. Opponents have nothing to fear from the initial casting of this spell. Deflected spells can hit allies for full damage, as they deflect off of their target with full power in random directions.

    Name: Sky Dragon's Roar
    Rank: Perfected (S)
    Duration: N/A
    Cooldown: N/A
    Type: Signature

    Description: The signature spell and technique of a Slayer. The ground whirls with so much air, that it's hard to even stand near Hera if you aren't of a certain weight or power. All of a sudden, Hera inhales a massive amount natural air from the area; She then unleashes the roar; Expelling it with a gigantic tornado blast of wind with razor sharp bands of wind whirling on the edges sharply, it literally looks as if she's exhaling a giant wind storm large enough to swallow up Godzilla. As it is wind, exploding onto the scene, the noise level is like standing at the back of a jet engine. The roar itself would remind Goku of his Kamehameha. The roar that Hera breaths out can travel over three hundred feet. After traveling for what seems like forever, hitting it's target, or when Hera stops exhaling the roar whirls and whips into a three hundred foot gale force tornado around opponent(s) and before a sonic boom like explosion of wind goes off from within it ending the roar in a fantastic explosion of a shockwave that reaches up beyond sight and outward in a huge blast.

    Strengths: Is a Roar. Hera is a master of this technique after her origins as the daughter of the Lightning Dragon Slayer, training with Igneel and learning Fire Dragon arts and subsequently Grandine for Sky Dragon arts; and can naturally use this once per post. Deals S  from the carry of the tornado stream and being slightly shredded apart, and from the 300ft tall sonic boom explosion of gale force at the end of the roar. Hera can turn herself or aim anyway while exhaling the huge windstorm. Is 325ft tall and wide, and travels 325ft before exploding.

    Weaknesses: Is the signature attack of a Slayer. A roar is well known by a lot of wizards, meaning they will try their absolute damndest to get out of the way. Takes 3 seconds for Hera to fire this at an opponent. Can be defended against by grounded S-Ranked Metal or Earth. Can be stopped and caused to explode or set on fire all the way back up to Hera by an S-Ranked Fire Spell. Is an attack that Hera uses very often, and can be strategized against. Has a lot of collateral damage. Hera sometimes holds up two hands under her mouth Ninjutsu style, just before firing the huge roar. Is a giant windstorm, and throws objects from the environment around without discrimination, making it potentially dangerous to friendlies if used or aimed wrong.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Roar
    Rank: Perfected (S)
    Duration: N/A
    Cooldown: N/A
    Type: Slayer
    Description: The signature spell and technique of a Slayer. The ground whirls with so much air, that it's hard to even stand near Hera if you aren't of a certain weight or power. All of a sudden, Hera inhales a massive amount natural fire from the area; putting out torches, fireplaces, and and just about anything else nearby as the fire is yanked away toward Hera's mouth; as Fire whirls from everywhere three hundred feet nearby as she stops inhaling her cheeks are puffed up with all the fire she's eaten and charged. She then unleashes the roar; Expelling it with a gigantic blast of flames with white flames crackling on the edges that literally looks as if she's exhaling a giant inferno large enough to swallow up Godzilla. As it is fire, the noise alone is of the level of a hundred jets flying by. The roar itself would remind Goku of his Kamehameha. The roar that Hera breaths out can travel over three hundred feet. After traveling for what seems like forever, hitting it's target, or when Hera stops exhaling the roar explodes in a huge sphere like explosion of magical dragon flame that bubbles into a large sphere of flames and twists upward into the skies before a horizon brightening explosion ensues.

    Strengths: Is a Roar. Hera is a master of this technique after her origins as the daughter of the Lightning Dragon Slayer, training with Igneel and learning Fire Dragon arts, and can naturally use this once per post. Deals S and once from the carry of the wildfire stream and being slightly vaporized, and another 50% from the 300ft tall explosion of flames at the end of the roar. Hera can turn herself or aim anyway while exhaling the huge stream of fire. Is 325ft tall and wide, and travels 325ft before exploding.

    Weaknesses: Is the signature attack of a Slayer. A roar is well known by a lot of wizards, meaning they will try their absolute damndest to get out of the way. Takes 3 seconds for Hera to fire this at an opponent. Can be defended against by S-Ranked Water. Can be stopped, or walled off by S-Ranked Metal. Is an attack that Hera uses very often, and can be strategized against. Has a lot of collateral damage. Hera sometimes holds up two hands under her mouth Ninjutsu style, just before firing the huge roar.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Talon
    Rank: A
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 6 Posts
    Type: Slayer
    Description: Hera goes backflipping towards her opponent through the air at incredible speeds toward one target, whirling almost too fast too see and flipping like a gymnast at a blur, raging flames coating all around her. Reaching her target usually within one second; Hera whips her foot downward as a huge two hundred and fifty foot explosion of fire beneath her at point blank range or from the target itself if struck directly goes off. The blast of fire twists and whirls violently into a sphere before exploding, often sweeping up the target and anything around her in a huge storm of fire that dies down usually just as Hera is landing from this stunning backflip kick.

    Strengths: Is a very fast spell, can hit one target with A-Ranked damage at 165 MPH in close combat. Is useful for chaining off of melee combos or as a counter attack in hand to hand combat. Deals A-Ranked and B-Ranked damage in a 100ft area as the kick itself deals damage, followed by the fire from kick exploding upon the ground in a huge sized explosion.  

    Weaknesses: Only used on one target initially, the technique of Talon is a well known Slayer maneuver and the explosion of fire afterward can be predictable at times. Can be stopped easily by Water and Metal of equal rank. Hera can have the fire coating her extinguished off by water during the approach of the backflip kick by an A-Ranked Water effect. Metal of A-Ranked magnitude can defend against the fire. Can hurt Allies if they're too close to where the backflip kick and blast of fire was unleashed. Only deals 75% damage to those who avoid the center or the main hit of the attack.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Rising Upper
    Rank: B
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Type: Slayer
    Description: Hera crouches, spins twice within one second at amazing speeds gathering a dazzling amount of intense flames on one arm, heading toward a target at 120MPH and whirling at the same speed. One the third spin, Hera rises and delivers an uppercut that can only be described as thunderous. A huge net of Fire explodes from the targets chin or body, sending them flying upwards or backwards easily one hundred feet; flames sizzling and incinerating them them the entire way until they hit the ground in a large trail of sizzling smoke as Hera holds the pose of the uppercut, clothes and hair blowing in the wind for dramatic effect.

    Strengths: Is an exceptional move to use as a counter, or at the end of a string of combos due to the nature and core of the move being an uppercut. Gathers a B-Ranked amount of flames and heat swiftly to Hera within one second. Has a knockback of 15ft if hit directly.

    Weaknesses: Can be shut down by a Water Spell of Equal Rank. The fire can be blocked or hammered down by a Metal Spell of Equal Rank. Is a hand to hand move, and has no application at range. The fire gathers on Hera's arm before she strikes, if aware one will notice this.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Fists
    Rank: Strong (B)
    Duration: N/A
    Cooldown: N/A
    Type: Slayer
    Description: Both of Hera's hands instantly catch a flame, as the fire whirls and begins to spin extremely quickly around both hands until the fire is burning so hot even things around her begin to glow with heat. Hera's punches melt and catch things on fire upon impact with a punch or a touch, leaves behind a dazzling trail of fire with movement of the hands.

    Strengths: Deals an extra B-Ranked fire damage every hit to an opponent with the fists and when grabbing an exposed body part of the opponent with the hands. Can be turned on and off at will, so even if it's eaten or dispersed somehow, Hera can conjure it right back up with ease instantly on her hands.

    Weaknesses: Can be extinguished by a B-Ranked Water Spell or higher, causing it to be removed for the post. If eaten by a God Slayer or Demon Slayer, although it is a signature spell it will have to be re-summoned on the following post. Can be manipulated by Fire-Make wizards into something else out of Hera's control mid-combat.

    Name: Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Blazing Speed
    Rank: S
    Duration: 10 Posts
    Cooldown: 12 Posts
    Type: Slayer
    Description: Hera's feet literally catch on fire that seems to whirl around them. While this spectacular enchantment is running, she leaves behind a literal melted trail of still burning fire on the ground in two lanes like railroad tracks. She can gain enough momentum to run on walls, ceilings, or virtually anywhere during this enchantment. When she's fighting all out, she will always use this on an opponent, sometimes without even thinking about it. As it was one of the first Spells or Enchantment that Igneel taught her.

    Strengths: Increases Hera's speed by 65MPH. Leaves a trail of fire behind her when she runs or kicks, which can be disorienting to opponents even if they dodge if they are not focused combatants. Can be turned on and off at will. Adds S-Ranked damage to Hera's kicks.

    Weaknesses: Doesn't buff allies. Only affects Hera. Doesn't have any AOE properties. A very straight forward effect. Doesn't buff anything except kicks and running speed. Doesn't heal. Can hurt an ally or someone accidentally by stepping on them or bumping your foot into them while this is on for A-Ranked fire damage. Can track her easily....even for miles, just by following the two scorch lines on the ground until she turns the enchantment off.


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    Fireworks Expert

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    Re: Of Kings And Assassins

    Post by Salrynn on 11th January 2017, 10:41 am

    Summer looked to everything that was going on, it seemed like the man in the heavy armour did a runner to get inside the area, it seemed everything was going smoothly so far with the blue-haired man, Summer still had the sparks emanating from her hands however so she still had to be pretty careful about what she would touch or hit, whether it was going to be deliberately or not deliberately. What was a bit distressing however was when the blue haired male managed to knock the older-looking female to the ground without question. On the bright side, at least it wasn’t Summer knocking her out if they controlled fire. If she made contact with any sort of fire or flames then she will literally explode into multi-coloured sparks, just as fancy as her magic itself.

    “Yes, it does.” Summer agreed in a soft spoken manner, there was no time for her to be hyperactive as she usually is. There was way too much going on and if Summer was hyperactive right now, then she would draw all the enemies attention to her, which was the last thing she wanted in reality.

    So the man that went ahead was named Ardere… that was a very… interesting name to see the least, it reminded her of everyone that was named with an oriental ring to it back when she was living at the village before it was invaded. Of course she shook her head and continued on her way, no point in dwelling on the past right now, they had to sort something out and sort something out now.

    Seeing the trick the man then pulled, Summer brought out her ring blade which she kept strapped to her back, she was going to have lots of fun if the army decided to attack the two, which they did so anyway. Well that was annoying, they can’t get to that specific area peacefully. The female listened to his instructions once more, he seemed like a good tactician to say the least.

    Rushing into the battle along with the man, she seen them all get knocked down by the unnamed male and she quickly seen a few try to get up, Summer simply grabbed a few of them and punched them in the fact, knocking them out with her burning firework hands. Her burning hands weren’t as strong as his, but they made a good combo to say the least. Summer wasted no time to continue rushing around, she was getting quite annoyed with how many guards were taking the mick though, SHE JUST WANTED TO GET TO THE COURTYARD!

    Suddenly, Summer got too impatient and sighed softly as she continued to fight through the ranks, she was really getting bored and she didn’t know what to do if Hera came up and at the two of. “This is getting tedious!” The female shouted before she bit her lower lip. She had to find a different and creative way to get to the courtyard because she was getting more panicked about Hera, she didn’t want to explode and harm the young man that was assisting her. Looking to the walls, she spotted… Terith?? What was Terith doing here?? That wasn’t right. Ah well, she was going to use him to help her.

    “Lend me a hand, Torian!” She shouted as loud as she could so the blue haired male had her attention too. She ran towards the blonde as fast as she could, dragging the blue haired male with her. Just in time too, the sparks on her hands were finished up. She jumped up and just in time too, Hera seemed to be walked towards them, that didn’t last so long!

    After grabbing Terith’s hand by force, she then used some of the cracks in the walls to make her way over and landed on the floor successfully and just ran as fast as she could. She didn’t know what destruction that Hera could cause nor did she want to know in the first place.

    Finally she caught up with the others, she only hoped that Terith and the man also caught up with her in time. “Whoo… I made it!” The female declared. Not too long afterwards, Stella and Laysha dashed towards their master, they appeared to be in tears, or at least Stella was. She was crying like a baby as she dived straight into the arms of the fireworks expert.

    HP: 200
    MP: 80%
    [color=#00ff99] - Summer
    [color=#de0914] - Laysha
    [color=#daa520] - Stella
    [color=#e066ff] Priscilla

    Spells used:
    firework shot:

    Name: Firework shot
    Rank: D
    Type: Fireworks, Offensive
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 0
    Description: When the spell is cast, Summer will place one hand out as her hand turns into complete sparks before shooting of a firework. The colour of sparks will be completely randomized and when shot it can be a different colour. It isn’t an area of effect spell. But it is a very fast spell depending the force of the wind. The maximum range for this is 15 meters with the speed at 7.5 per second but as stated it is dependent on the wind. If the wind is going in the same way that the firework is going, it will go faster. However, if the firework is going in the opposite direction it will go slower.

    Just like a real firework, it makes a firework noise before make small firework-like before colliding with the target, causing a very small firework explosion.
    Speed - The spell is very fast depending depending on the wind. (7.5 per second)

    Weak - this spell is relatively weak as it doesn’t take a lot of channeling time to cast it. But it does make up for it with speed.
    Smoke - it can leave a stream of smoke behind like an actual firework and can spread depending on how many times this spell has been cast. This could lead to some eyes being hurt from the smoke.
    Dodging - this spell can be easily dodged by others because it isn’t missile-based.

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    Re: Of Kings And Assassins

    Post by Ardere Kasai on 13th January 2017, 8:03 pm

    So you can throw me to the wolves
    Tomorrow I will come back
    Leader of the whole pack
    Beat me black and blue
    Every wound will shape me
    Every scar will build my throne

    Ardere's aura flickered several times before condensing into a faint layer around his body. His eyes narrowed slightly at the girl who stood before him, sliding his foot back with a hand on his blade until she backed off. Looking to the King, as he spoke his words, the Fire King's aura dissipated, and he sheathed his blade. Keeping his left hand on the handle, he slowly walked towards the king, making sure to be weary of the mages around him, and the nervous looking guards. Thank you. And just when it seemed like he could begin his plan, the young blonde dragon slayer swooped in, almost like something he would have expected from her father. Sighing slightly, the samurai showed no fear in the face of his enemies. From what he could tell, Aiyana posed the greatest threat, but she seemed rather passive in her attitude. Meaning currently, Hera was the most imposing, but he felt no nervousness when threatened by her. He never underestimated an opponent, but he outranked her in both experience and fire power. She may have a greater magic pool, but he could turn all of her spells against her, even use her to enter his God Force, which would certainly be bad for everyone in the courtyard. But he did not wish to do so, he wanted to negotiate. I'd appreciate it if you'd let me speak before barging in on me, Hera. You have no idea what you're even talking about.

    Running fingers through his thick brown hair, Ardere let out a heavy breath before speaking. I'm not here because I agree with the council's decision to fight so quickly. I'm here because I want to save as many as I can. You can't even begin to understand where I'm coming from. Don't speak to me about glory. I fight for what is just, and that would be negotiating a truce here. Your highness, I only request one piece of the clock. You can keep the others for yourself, but this would prevent either country from utilizing it's effects. It is a powerful weapon, and even though you may be a king who wants to protect his people, there are those that would murder you in your sleep for this weapon. What then? Then you just handed over a weapon that could start a war like we've never seen before. The truth is, neither country can be entrusted to take full control of it. Tightening the grip on his fist tightly, he began to tremble slightly. There's no point in fighting any more, but I will if it is to protect those that I love. You may not think the council can be trusted, but you can trust me. I am a Wizard Saint, a guild master, and an ambassador to Midi. I possess the means to quell the council and contain a piece of the clock. Your highness, if you cannot trust the word of a politician, then trust the word of a warrior. Keeping his eyes on all of the mages surrounding him, the samurai kept his senses keen. He did not trust Hera to maintain her composure during this, and would engage if need be. But he was not backing down, not now, not ever. The fire mage was done stepping down. If it came to it, he would strike down every mage in this courtyard to protect the people he cared about. But he did not want to, what he wanted was peace.

    God Force:


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    Re: Of Kings And Assassins

    Post by lavenderflower77 on 14th January 2017, 9:25 am

    Danger! Danger!

    Warning alarms flared within Yuzuki’s mind as the enemy began to gather about the courtyard. What kind of retarded king was this, not getting inside? Was he really going to simply stand around and let all these high-ranked mages out to steal his stuff stand around? Boosting her sense of hearing with a flick of the ear, she stretched it down to pick up the waves that radiated from the king’s lips as he spoke. Ehh? What was this? He wanted to form a truce of sorts now, did he? To “talk things out”? Ridiculous. Releasing a snort from her nose, Yuzuki released her grip on the wall, falling back down to earth. A simple lift of her wings, and the semi-fey brushed the dirt with her toes, kissing the ground gently as a dragonfly might alight upon a leaf. With the rest of the very dubious-looking body guards, she faced the mage before them. This guy…

    Now, Yuzuki wasn’t one who got out and read the news much, but she was pretty sure that this guy was some Fiore mage of great power – possibly even a guild master himself. From the expressions on the faces of the people around her, it seemed he was quite well-known. Actually, to think of it, everyone here seemed to know each other besides herself. What was she even doing here, then, in the first place? Tempted to just walk out on all of these people, the semi-fey changed her mind at the last moment, deciding to stay and watch the drama play out.

    So, it appeared that the big scary Fiore mage wanted just a piece of the clock, to ensure that no other country could use it. While she could tell from the king’s expression that he was actually seriously considering something so stupid, the hotheaded street rat snapped her head up to stare suspiciously at this guy who dared to suggest something so stupid.

    “Honestly, Mr. King, you gonna trust this big ol’ Fiore guy? Everything about him positively screams fishy, ‘specially that flippin’ big magic signature. Y’know, Mr. King, what if he knows more about the clock than you, huh? Maybe Fiore has some plan that they can accomplish with only one piece of the clock. I mean, consider it! They bring ‘long a whole army of OP mages to liven up yur’ people, then ask for just a simple piece of this clock to keep and form some messed up peace treaty. Contradictory much?” How was it possible that people could even listen to this man talk? Everything about what the invading mages did was contradictory to what he spoke now. If only a piece of a clock was needed, it was much easier just to send a small group of ambassadors to negotiate a deal with this, right? Something wasn’t right - Yuzuki felt it in her gut.



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