The Cattle Part 3


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    The Cattle Part 3

    Post by Pandora on 10th September 2016, 2:46 pm

    Kanix was right in her assumption that it was the overprotective wolf preventing Frey from going on solo missions, in fact the animal huffed long and drawn out towards her when she started explaining it to the child. Clearly, the wolf was displeased that his precious little girl was growing up so quickly, embarking on the dangerous world of wizardry, the fact he could do nothing about it. “I never have lots to pack, I don’t have lots of stuff anyways.” came Rune’s voice as she looked down, wondering if it was weird she really only possessed the items she currently held and silver himself. The child’s mind flashed back and she recalled her room at the village, how much stuff she had left there, compared to how little she had these days. The line of thought brought to her attention all her weapons had been left when Silver fled with her, she had nothing to channel magic through, only functioning at a small portion of her potential, that would indeed have to be fixed. All thoughts were distracted when her mother began to tell a story, little eyes wide as she listened with mouth gaped “So a prayer for a friend is more powerful than a prayer for one’s own gain.” that was the lesson she took from that story, because in every tale there had to be a lesson.

    “Mommy….” the child listened to her mother talk, and eventually resorted to shifting, jumping, doing whatever she needed to, so she could wrap the older woman in the tightest hug possible. Losing someone you loved? That could never be easy. However she did not know what she could do to make the memories any easier, until she thought back to what the earthmates taught. “Mom, you know what the earthmates said about death?” she let go of Kanix mostly, only aiming to hold her mother’s hand, looking somewhat lost as she did so. “Those we know can never truly be gone, because their strength affects us , nurtures us past their demise, and through our actions  they live on.” she didn’t sound as if she knew exactly what she was saying, more so if she was saying the correct thing. However she had been unable to just say nothing.

    “I.. I think we’re here.” she wasn’t sure if it was alright to even be at the island yet, after that exchange,tiny eyes staring up as Silver darted over and forced her back onto his back, not letting go of her mother’s hand.

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