Alice in the Wrong Rabbit Hole (Open to 2)

    Gisen Ceostra

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    Alice in the Wrong Rabbit Hole (Open to 2)

    Post by Gisen Ceostra on 5th September 2016, 12:04 am

    The Battle Bunny
    The crunching of the grass beneath heavy steps was softened by the morning new left from the early morning sun rise. The day left little to no breeze, while the settling in of the fall weather began to move it's way in, the weather felt eloquent and in no need of layers of clothing if one couldn't stand what type of weather it had been to begin with. Being someone who generally spent her days and nights in the brunt of the change in weather that nature brought about. It was pretty fun really to be around different animals to sleep around and play with as if they were the best of friends. Cuddling close with the furry companions to gather warmth and seeking further guidance with her protector to be able to seek out food and water. It wasn't really the type of lifestyle that one would prefer, but considering the options weighed when it came to her past, it wasn't necessarily an option for her to go find apartments or inns at all.

    As the little bunny girl continued her scavenging, she came to a secluded building, followed by a road. With keen hearing, she heard not one soul inside the building, and nothing really to find inside from what the look inside from a few windows had shown. She crept around the building, inspecting it's foundation and how sturdy such a thing had been. Not that she had never seen a house or a building before, but none ever this huge and seemingly important. From the looks of it inside, it could have been some form of a theater and the idea of watching a play had been a pretty fun concept to her. The doors to the place seemed to be locked, which was no surprise since the building was empty and vacant. However, that didn't really matter to Gisen. She wanted in there, and nothing was really gonna stop her from getting in to explore! Tilting her head, she starred at the door for a good moment before a small smirk accompanied her retreat from the door by a mere few steps. With a good running start, the bunny girl slammed her left shoulder through the door, pushing it open and falling right down onto the floor. Picking her head up, she gave a huff of breath to blow away the hair around her eyes and got a good look around the place now.

    She stood up onto her feet and gave a push with both hands to move her long purple hair behind down her back and fixed it to feel like it normally had. Brushing dirt off of her outfit, she began to peruse the place, wondering what she could find in here, if anything at all. Her agenda? Curiosity. Her goal? Sate the curiosity via exploration and discovery!
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