{One-Shot} 威風堂々{KTH, ivyleaf33}


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    {One-Shot} 威風堂々{KTH, ivyleaf33}

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 3rd September 2016, 9:53 am

    A slender figure sat perched on the edge of her seat, waiting in anticipation for the film to start, a bucket of popcorn clutched in her lap. Long white hair streamed down her back, giving her somewhat of an otherworldly appearance. So this was what the world was like, huh? It certainly was an interesting little world she had popped out into, one she found harsh yet beautiful. Faint memories of singing according to wave forms on a screen and processing long sequences of number and code would flicker briefly through her mind, story after story, phoneme after phoneme echoed through her head, but she brushed it away. That life where she was no more than some random noises was over. She could start something new.

    For sharp, dazzling hopes this former program held, having somehow been brought into this clear and cutting reality. Fingering a braid, IA snatched a handful of popcorn from the bucket, savoring each and every kernel, experiencing the buttery taste as if it were the first time. Though she had had popcorn several times by now, it was such a new experience every single time. Then, the lights would flicker, and go out. Holding in her breath, IA leaned forward, eyes wide and staring at the huge screen that slowly came to life. Beautiful images were displayed, powerful words, and beautiful lyrics. What was this? Unknowing, the synthesizer would get to her feet, indifferent to the protests around her and the tear that unbeknownst to her began to well in her eye.


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