[D Rank] Dehydration in Desierto


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    [D Rank] Dehydration in Desierto

    Post by Cr1tikal on 31st August 2016, 1:38 am

    Job Title: Dehydration in Desierto
    Rank: D  (international)
    Solo Word Count: 500 words
    Group Word Count: 1,000 words
    Additional Requirements: Own a passport
    Job Location: Desierto
    Job Description: A cry for help has reached the ears of many nations. Earthland's own Fiore is one of those nations that had heard its cry. A local post-apocalyptic looking village has had it's water supply run dry. The problem is this village is not owned by any of the three sultans of the tri-power, meaning this village will not receive aid from them. So bringing them water will not be just enough. Instead, you must aid them by helping them migrate to another place in the desert that has a nice suitable water source. If you're a dark mage or just don't give a damn, then you may kill them all and rob them of the 2k jewel they possess. At least you're putting them out of their mercy, and solving their dying of dehydration problem...right?
    Enemies: None, but bear in mind the extreme desert temperatures, and brutal desert winds.

    5,000 jewel


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