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    One Punch Magic

    Post by Hero Yamamoto on 5th August 2016, 7:31 pm

    Username: Hero Yamamoto
    Secondary Magic Name: ワンパン魔法 [Wanpan Mahō][One Punch Magic]
    Proof of Acquisition: Link
    Description: Similar in function to Conqueror Magic, this Magic focuses on bringing out the maximum potential in everything Hero does. However, what makes this different is that this Magic utilizes the concept of kinetic energy, or the energy of motion. By being able to manipulate the motion energy of everything with his body, Hero is capable of performing feats that would normally not be possible without equipment. This Magic can be used to increase and/or decrease the energy of his movements at will to throw off opponents and can push Hero's offensive capabilities beyond what his primary Magic can do.

    • This Magic makes Hero capable of hitting air and thus manipulating the kinetic energy of the impact to cause waves of pure force that allow him to hurt opponents that have physical forms with no mass.
    • The potency of this magic makes Hero nearly a one-man army, as the spells in this Magic have very wide areas of effect and naturally knock back all within range that are below his rank.


    • This Magic does not allow him to attack at longer range, so he is still limited to close and low mid-ranged combat.
    • The potency and wide area effects of these spells make it far easier to hurt allies if they are within range.
    • The nature of this Magic is naturally more difficult to control during movement, so Hero tends to overshoot his destinations.


    • This grandmastery of Hero's prowess with his unique Magic gives him a permanent 50% increase to Strength. His great strength allows his attacks to push individual atoms at such high velocity that he can affect elements that would otherwise be too elusive.
    • This Magic provides all movements and attacks with enough force to cause knockback to opponents and/or objects; it allows Hero to hit objects and/or people from a distance of up to 15 meters. It is a double-edged passive because it can affect allies as well if they happen to be in Hero's way. Because of this however, Hero gains a permanent +50% boost to melee attacks, which applies after strength buffs have been calculated.

    • [Unlocks at H-rank] - Hero's intense training has made him capable of destroying spells equal to or lower than his rank with a single punch. Mana cost to dispel is determined by Hero's rank. All cooldowns are separated via rank and do not stack.

      D-rank: 0% MP; 1-post cooldown between dispels
      C-rank: 0% MP; 2-post cooldown between dispels
      B-rank: 2% MP; 4-post cooldown between dispels
      A-rank: 5% MP; 6-post cooldown between dispels
      S-rank: 10% MP; 9-post cooldown between dispels
      H-rank: 20% MP; 12-post cooldown between dispels

    D-rank Spell - Not Needed:


    C-rank Spell:

    Name: Normal Series: Forehead Flick
    Rank: C
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 posts
    Type: Offensive
    Description: Hero starts by charging ethernano into one of his hands and then goes one step further by moving that energy to his middle finger. He then uses that finger to flick an opponent's forehead. The force of the flick is enough to leave a mark on the area the opponent was hit on the forehead.

    • Can cause a brief stun (essentially makes them dizzy) to an opponent of equal rank or lower to him; can knock back opponents lower in rank than Hero (3-meter knockback)


    • Requires direct contact
    • Can be dodged relatively easily if one watches his arm

    B-rank Spell - Not Needed:


    A-rank Spell:

    Name: Serious Series: Atlas Impact
    Rank: A
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Type: Offensive; Charge-up
    Description: Hero jumps 50 meters into the air and takes in ethernano from his surroundings. A bright golden glow surrounds his entire body and then he pushes off the air, moving at a very high speed toward the ground. Upon impact, the ground sunders and creates a giant tsunami of earth 360 degrees around him that travels 70 meters before dissipating. The damage it deals is 150% of A-rank damage.

    • This spell can easily wipe out hordes of targets at once and is also very effective at hitting opponents that are faster than Hero.


    • The earth moved by the spell can be eaten by slayers
    • Can easily harm allies if they are within the extremely large range

    S-rank Spell:

    Name: Serious Series: Godly Spirit
    Rank: S
    Duration: 10 posts
    Cooldown: 11 posts
    Type: Buff
    Description: Hero gathers eternano into his body to unlock his limiters. Doing so gives him enough strength to fight anyone or anything without the use of his spell arsenal. His full strength becomes unhindered, giving him 75% more melee damage that goes toward his total strength/melee buffs after they first have been calculated. Additionally, every punch Hero lands on an opponent heals him for 10 HP.

    • For a limited time, Hero becomes a brawling super-juggernaut.


    • Cannot be used on allies
    • MP is locked; all but signature spells are unusable

    S-rank Signature:

    Name: Serious Series: Hero Dash
    Rank: S
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: Once per post
    Type: Utility; Movement
    Description: Hero takes in ethernano from the surrounding area around him; doing this forms a clearly visible, thick and bright golden hue around his body. With all of this ethernano built up, he dashes forward (distance of up to 75 meters) at maximum speed and then uses this initial sprint to propel himself in different directions like a pinball machine. Each point he stops to change direction releases a gigantic wave of pure force (100-meter-diameter spherical blast with Hero at the center) that devastates all objects in range. The spell on its own does not deal any damage (in PvP), but Hero can utilize melee combat while he is moving via this ability.

    Note: In PvE, there is no set limit to the amount of bounces, but said number will lessen depending on current MP.


    • Enemies hit by this, who are lower in rank than Hero, get knocked out of the wave's radius but are dealt no damage. This is used as a tide changer in the middle of a battle against several enemies at once because it allows him to attack while moving at extreme speeds.
    • Each bounce propels Hero forward faster, giving him a 25% boost to Speed for each successive bounce. [Does not carry over between uses.]


    • Has far less use against single opponents
    • Has a high chance of doing the same to allies in the vicinity due to the wave's extremely wide AoE
    • Can only bounce up to 3 times per use [in PvP].

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