A Night to Remember (Solo)


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    A Night to Remember (Solo)

    Post by Vlad on 9th July 2016, 4:41 pm

    In a seemingly secluded forest stood one castle; this is the setting of our story tonight. The lights of the castle could be seen for miles; with no other buildings of any sort nearby it was like the north star, guiding all adventurers to its gate. While not many were granted access, those that were enjoyed themselves completely. For those that found entrance into, what some called a utopia, there would be bliss. An endless amount of food, wine, women, men, anything a person could wish for. This is the sort of gluttonous lifestyle made people lazy, unable to return to a regular job. Adventurers turned lazy and would simply stop completing quests. How could they have ever been called a "hero!?!" Vlad would not stand for this sort of lifestyle, nor for those who promoted it. This wasn't going to be a fun night... At least not for those at the castle...

    Vlad let out a light sigh, rubbing the back of his head; he had heard of this castle long ago, but had to wait to deal with it. He decided it would be best to arrive a week early, when there weren't many present. If he could slay a few of the occupants he would be able to, easily, end this little party. This would be the most advantageous time to strike; the only sort of defense that was present would be that which guarded the gate. Too easy; they had too much faith in a unit of knights. Three men? Pft, They thought that it would be enough...

    Letting out a slight chuckle he began to approach the gate, which was already lowered. How convenient... "Devils Dance~" He chuckled. A magical circle would appear on the ground beside him, from which would emerge the demon named Azriel. "How may I serve you, my liege?"
    "Kill two of them. Leave one to me."
    "As you wish." He spoke, running forward; jumping into the air he would pounce atop one of the guards, ripping off his helmet he would grab the guards neck; with his claws ripping into the mans skin he would retch his arm back, severing the Carotid and Jugular veins.
    "WHAT THE FUCK!?" The second guard exclaimed, drawing his blade and running toward the demon. Swinging his blade, he hit the demon on the shoulder blade of its left arm.

    In a rage the demon whirled back, slicing the mans throat with its claws; as the man lay on the ground, bleeding out, the demon would dematerialize; its job was complete.

    As this all occured Vlad had summoned his scythe; this was where he got to have some... FUN! Running at the guard, who was distracted by the demons sudden appearance, he would slice the man three times; while there was no visible damage done his soul was torn to shreds, effectively killing him. "You fought for the wrong cause, Bud." He would kick the head of the male, who was now dead on the ground.

    Now entering the 'utopia' he was ready. These men had to be punished for what they had done. They degraded the title of "hero," they destroyed those who attempted to live an honorable life. How could Vlad allow such a place to continue its nefarious ways? No one had even thought of this as an evil place, only he did... Why?

    Walking down the corridors it became quite apparent that no one ever left their rooms; this was good, he only had business with the man who owned this hellhole. The hallway was plastered with artwork, all of which was produced by some famous artist. Such poor taste. Kicking down the door, which seemed to be that of the owner, Vlad was ready to do as he pleased. "You shouldn't be corrupting people like this!" He exclaimed, throwing the scythe at the man. With this he would shatter his soul, damning him for all eternity. "Pft." He chuckled, grabbing his blade he slit his throat, and wrote the following note on the wall:

    "This is not the last you shall see of me... I plan to turn this shit hole upside down~! I shall continue to reign as the most notorious member of Fairy Tail, until the day you kill me... IF YOU CAN! Though I doubt you'll ever even find the guild hall... Fools~" The Coming Storm

    Letting out a slight chuckle he enjoyed that he wouldn't have to worry about being blamed for this. How convenient that FT was now dark. AMAZING! Well, now that this was over he had no need to be here. Walking down the hall he decided to leave the place as is, allowing those who planned to come to the ball to see the fate of these men. Perhaps they would avoid this place for a while. Who knows?

    Completed by Wc 808/750


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