Spy: Criminal watch. (Job, solo.)

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    Spy: Criminal watch. (Job, solo.)

    Post by Daniel Ross on 11th June 2016, 5:19 pm

    Daniel looked around the entrance to Oak town. It was a nice place, but he wasn't here to look around. He had a job, to do, and he would do it. Flipping his hood up, he walked around town, looking for several places to hides that would give him a good view of center town. He saw a cafe, that had a good view. He sat in the cafe and looked around, making himself comfortable. He saw the center of town, and waited all day until the afternoon, when the man walked into the center off town.

    Daniel ordered a coffee, and pulled out a piece of paper, in which he would take notes and doodle on. He doodled, drawing a stickman, and looked out of his perphrial vision at the man. Then he doodled while watching the man, and saw no sign of him doing anything but standing there. Taking a sip of coffee, he leaned back in his chair and created sparks in the air between his fingers. Refocusing, he watched the man out of the side of his line of vision, and then doodled some more. Looking at the clock on the wall, he noticed it was 1:00. Daniel groaned at how long this was taking.


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