The Anecdote of Bats and Serpents [Job | Ivy Kissos]


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    Private The Anecdote of Bats and Serpents [Job | Ivy Kissos]

    Post by Edward Von Aurence on 5th June 2016, 5:04 pm

    Detailed Request of The Client:

    Job Title:
    Find the "One Piece"


    Player Requirements:
    B rank or 2 C rank minimum. 4 max allowed on the job.

    Job Requirements:
    40 posts minimum, with a minimum word count of 300 per post. Can only be completed once for a character.

    Job Location:
    Divide Island

    Job Description:
    A new job request has appeared on the job boards all over Fiore. A map to a mystical item has been uncovered, and points to Divide Island as the location of the buried treasure. The sailor that made the job is offering to ferry a group of up to three mages over to help in uncovering the treasure. As payment, he will allow you to keep some of the jewels found, but the majority will go to him! As a warning in the job, he mentions a pirate and his crew have stolen the map and are already on the island searching for the "One Piece" in the hopes of getting it first. Get to the island, defeat Blackstache the pirate, and then uncover the treasure using the map dropped by the boss. It is said that this treasure is what really caused the divide that the island is named after.

    You must meet up with the captain of the ship at the Hargeon Town main docks, where he will discuss with you what you are doing before setting sail for Divide Island. No one knows what the "One Piece" is, but he goes on and on for the entirety of the trip over sea about how "He just can't let the pirates have it." After the pirates are defeated, you must actually find the buried treasure on the island and dig it up. (Must roll an attack dice for each person that digs to see if you dug in the right spot.)

    Midget Brigands x3
    These midgets have a strange habit of wearing pots as hats growing giant mushrooms out of them. They only attack physically, and are pretty weak, dealing 1 C rank of damage per hit. Take 1 B rank damage to defeat. Don't make fun of them, or they will try to swarm the person laughing.

    Hammer Wielding Pirates x2
    These pirates are trained in throwing hammers as their course of attack. Both have an unlimited of hammers, and can throw four per turn and deal B rank for each that hits. Take 3 B rank to defeat. While good at throwing the hammers, they are terrible when within melee range and will instead try to back up to throw their weapons.

    Blacksatche's Pet: Anomaly, the tamed vulcan.
    Blackstache had managed what some thing to be impossible; taming a vulcan! The vulcan attacks physically, and once per turn will throw explosive barrels at each person in the party. Physical hits deal B rank damage, the barrels dealing A rank damage. Takes 10 B rank hits to defeat. Only one can be rolled. Any more of them will be turned into 2 normal rolls.

    Blackstache the Pirate
    The leader of the pirates you are racing for the "One Piece" that is said to be the reason for Divide Island's divide. As an A rank wizard Blackstache has his own unique make magic, Cannon Make Magic. He is able to create cannons that can fire any type of object out of them, which are also made with the magic. Shots fired from the cannon deal A rank damage to all that get hit. Takes 15 B rank hits to take down.

    10k jewels
    B rank Exp + 1 Extra rank of B Exp.
    One person in the group gets the legendary "One Piece," a one piece bikini that fits any who wears it; and can change color at will.


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