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    First Date | Job | Solo

    Post by Iesha on 21st December 2015, 10:21 am

    Job Description:
    Job Name:First Date
    Job Rank: D
    Job Requirements:One mage only of any rank, At least five 150 word posts, and must make it a good date that will make him/her remember it and want to go on a second one but do not reveal your identity, steal their affections from the client, or break their heart (doing any of these will mean no jewels for a reward). Monster rolls are not required but are there for guidance if needed.
    Job Location: Oak Town
    Job Description: Some lucky person (male or female) finally gained the courage to ask their long time crush out on a date. However, they don't have the courage to follow through on that date. This said person has turned to any mages that are willing to help him/her on their path to finding true love. When meeting with the client before the date they will give you a lacrima to change your image so that you appear and sound like the client. You will then go on a date for the client, you may do whatever you wish on the date so long as you make it a good one, and of course don't end up stealing the dates heart, breaking it, or revealing who you are. The client is willing to give a reward to those who complete the job without messing anything up.


    Weak:Uh-oh conversation, that's right somehow manage to interact with a real live boy/girl/man/woman/etc. Do your best to try and not make a fool out of the client.

    Normal:Things have been going well thus far on the date, the opportunity has come show her your best pick up line.

    Strong:One of the clients friends (apparently they're not that socially awkward) has spotted you and proceeds to interrupt your date for a chat. Somehow get this friend to believe that you are the client, keep the date going well, and not destroy the friendship (the clients doesn't have many friends to spare).

    Boss:The Date has been going well thus far, in fact it has been going so well (or perhaps the date just has a soft spot for you) that they are willing to kiss you. Avoid the kiss without ruining the date if you want the reward (or go for it if you're evil enough)

    Reward: 1k jewels or no jewels if one has chosen to be evil and do everything the client didn't want them to do.

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