Find the Lost Puppy [Mission/Lynn]


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    Find the Lost Puppy [Mission/Lynn]

    Post by Eiji on 12th August 2015, 5:47 am

    It was early in the morning, the sun just woke up and the sky painted orange as if foreshadowing the hot afternoon that was to come. Despite the time of day, Eiji was at the bar drinking the cheapest cider. With the time of day, one could not blame the lonely status of the bar, as he and the bartender were the only ones there. Eiji remembered the look on the bartender’s face as he ordered a drink - shocked, and confused. The only thing that Eiji could hear was the fan spinning, making him feel uncomfortable of course, but he wasn’t at all surprised. In fact, he felt like if it was noisy, it would be even weirder. He looked at the small glass cup resting on the brown wooden bar, as if it was seducing him, and he took it and put it underneath his nose, smelling the scent. He didn’t remember when he first started liking alcohol, it was just something that grew on him as he grew older. He then drank it, licking his thin lips in the hopes that there were more but there wasn’t. The bartender has attempted several times to make conversation to him, but much to the bartender’s annoyance, as Eiji is quiet. Eiji took some money from his left pocket from his black pants, and put it on the wooden bench. He stayed there, looking around when something caught his eye.

    It was a piece of paper, with a drawn picture of a dog, with a caption of “Find the Lost Puppy”. The drawn picture looked like it was drawn by an 8 year old. It was cute, but still unprofessional. Underneath it was the address of the house. Eiji looked at it, and left, with the intention of wanting to do this mission. The money didn’t interest Eiji, it was the fact that an animal was in need of a rescue. He left the bar, and was heading to the house. It was a big house, no doubt as it looked like a big white castle. Eiji rang the bell that was next to the big golden gate that looked like it was twofold as high as him. He waited for a while in the hot sun, when all a sudden, the big gate opened by itself, as if it had a mind of its own, but Eiji knew better. It was opened by a button.

    An old man appeared with a tray on his right hand appeared, smiling. As Eiji walked closer to the old man, Eiji noticed he was old as there were wrinkles were on his face, and he was hoary. He was smiling, and said
    “Welcome! You must be the mage. Please come in.” Eiji was confused. How did the butler know that Eiji was a mage? He could’ve been a thief. But nevermind, Eiji followed the old man to a chair, and sat down. “Please wait for a while, Mrs. Hammelton will come shortly.” Eiji nodded, and waited for the client to come.

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