Soul Link (Pein's sec)


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    Soul Link (Pein's sec)

    Post by Chelvaric on 3rd July 2015, 7:15 am

    Username:: Chelvaric
    Secondary Magic Name: Bond Of Destined Souls
    Evidence of Accomplishment: #link here
    Description: This magic is made by a cat demon eons ago in the old days of the world. When most humans were still slaves under the demon legions of Argonan.  The story after this magic can be read in my training thread. Bond of destined souls is a magic that binds the souls of two persons that are destined to be in love forever. Because these two have to stay togheter they need to be strong to not die and help each other out. That’s why the magic will be mainly used for defensive and a small bit for offensive. They share the pain between each other but they also share there happyniss. The bond give them all kinds of benefitial passives when there connected. The farther away they are from each other the less effective it is.
    - 25% of all buffs and healing will go to the partner to (doesn’t work on the magic’s own buffs)
    - They are stronger when they fight together
          -    Lots of defensive and utility means for together
    - Only works if there atleast 200 yards in each other’s area.(effects are halved if there father then 100 yards)
    - The partner receives 25% damage from the damage the other soul bounded person receives.
    - The person must be his soul mate in love for live and can only be bond once. only will unbound when there no longer deemed soul mates.
    - The Bound will fall off if one of the user has no magic energy left in there body (0% mp)
    Abilities: -- maximum of two. Must relate to the magic. See magic rules for further rules on limits

      - Soul Marked:  When The caster hits a target they get marked with a little ghost on there cheek. When the partner of the magic then hits the same target they will be damaged for 5% of their max hp. Mark only lasts for 2 posts. Can only mark a target each 6 posts after activation of the mark. - Markings:  Both of the lovers will be marked with their spirit animal on them. The      markings link the power of their spirit to each other and boost their strength, speed , stamina with 10%.  Only gets the boost when the link is activated (aka there in 100 yards to each other) . only 5 % if there between 100-200 yards from each other.- Lovers Sight:  Because their souls are linked they are able to open a window to see and talk to their partner from any place they are currently present. This is mainly so they can’t miss each other.

    D-Rank Spell Name: Fortify
    Rank: D
    Type: Passive Support
    Duration: 2 posts
    Cd: 4 posts
    Being togheter makes them care for each other and don’t want them to get hurt. That’s why there defense will be increased near each other. They have to be in 15 yards of each other for this to take affect. The beam between get small shields floating around it. this will block one D rank spell if the spell is being flung at them. If either of the 2 persons trigger the ability the other one will lose that shield.
    - Automatic defense
    - Has to be in 15 yards of each other
    - Blocks one D rank spell of damage
                -     Only one of the 2 gets to block the damage
                -    They have to stay close to each other so aoe damage would hit them
                -     they can’t keep it for the spells they want it. as it goes automatically even when the   spell wouldn’t be strong.
              - it fades away after 2 posts

    C-Rank Spell Name: Switching souls
    Rank: C
    Type: Supportive
    Duration: instant
    Cd: 3 posts
    Pein Thinks hard about his partner while he throws his hand through the soul link. This makes the soul link waver and the next second he and his partner are switched locations. The partner has to be in a range of 20 yards to be effective. Only pein can start the spell. The other user can’t be stunned or bind or the spell won’t work.
    - Can pull his soul mate out of danger
    - Can make nice combos between them
    - Can Confuse the enemy
    - his soul mate needs to be in a range of 20 yards
    - He will be damaged if he wants to save his soul mate
    - Since the 2 locations are known its easy to aim for them
    - Can be disoriented by the sudden location change

    B-Rank Spell Name: Come Over
    Type: Offensive utility
    Duration: 1 post
    Cd: 4 posts
    This spell exists of 2 parts. For the first part of the spell the soul partner has to be in a range of 30 yards of the caster. When he shouts come back the soul partnergets pulled back to above the caster. The other person is untargatble for the duration.
    The second part of the spell is that the soul mate then can choose what direction they get thrown to. Once they decide the fly up to 20 yards far or till they bump against something. When the enemy gets hit they get hit for B rank damage and they get knocked up 5 yards into the air. If she doesn’t choose a direction that post she gets thrown in the direction the caster is facing.
    - Save The soul partner out of sticky situations
    - can turn a fight around with the knock up
    - the soul mate is save for a while
    - she can land right in between the enemies
    - the soul mate cant do anything during the duration of the spell
    - it only works in a range of 30 yards
    - Pein is alone for a while so he will be targeted.

    A-Rank Spell Name: OverDrive
    Rank: A
    Type: Supportive
    With the words “may our love burn passionately” both him and the soul mates hearth start to burn visibly in there chest. This makes the two persons go hyper in energy.  They both get 30 % increase in strength and speed while the burning souls will steal the life force of those they hit by 10%. (life steal of 10%, only 5% on S ranks and only 2.5% on H rank enemies). The overdrive lasts for 4 posts but they have to stay 40 yards close to each other. The soul link falls of for 2 posts after the overdrive because of excessive use.
    - Increases there speed and strength by 30%
    - They life steal with there attacks for 10% only 5% on S ranks and only 2.5% on H rank enemies
    - In this state they will do anything to protect the other and pain will be less fellable.
    - The magic is not useable for 2 posts after wards
    - they have to stay in range of 40 yards of each other or the over drive ends sooner
    -  Easy to be targeted by Aoe
    - There In a Ruse and don’t think clearly this way they can miss strategic info

    S-Rank Spell Name: Rivori’s Spirits of faith
    Rank: S
    Type: Defensive Support
    Pein Grabs her hands and looks into his soul mates eyes. They both start to glow golden and pein starts to become more spirit like. His form is like a knight in full plated armor the helm of the armor has horns on it bend outwards.  On his back there are 2 angel wings grown. In his left arm hes wearing a devine spear.  This form then goes over his soul partner and moves like her. It attacks when she attacks and it blocks when she blocks. When damage is applied 50% of the damage goes to the caster and 50% of the damage goes to the soul partner. The 25% weakness of this magic doesn’t apply in this mode. When she attacks another S rank damage will be added to her dps.  The avatar can block without her blocking to making it a strong extra tool to block incoming attacks.


    - Has strong attacks
    - Recieves less damage
    - Can act on his own to defend her
    - a 2 man fight changes in a one man fight
    - he cant move or cast any spells during this mode
    - he receives 50% of the damage she takes
    - Pein is unable to move after the duration ends


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    Re: Soul Link (Pein's sec)

    Post by Guest on 10th July 2015, 10:29 am

    Everything looks good. Now you just need to do the training thread.

    Good luck. ^.^

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