Doctor Shu & The Time Wizard


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    Doctor Shu & The Time Wizard

    Post by Nimbus on 15th May 2015, 11:50 am

    A thunderous crash bellowed throughout the wooded area.  A monstrous troll laid defeated under the feet of the White Wizard who stood triumphant upon its belly.  With one hand on his waste, and the other holding his sheathed sword over his shoulder, Shuhei looked out over the trees, standing high enough on the behemoths gut to actually see over the tree line.  In his wake, many trolls laid defeated in a path of broken trees cutting a trail through the forest of giants.  "I'd heard rumors that this place was crawling with big monsters, but I really had no idea."  Shuhei's eagle eyes pierced the distance, and from all directions, a dozen more enormous trolls similar to the one under Shuhei's feet could be seen, towering over the trees and blocking his path.  "If I knew where I was going this would be much easier..."  The defeated troll released a loud groan.  Shuhei stomped his foot on the trolls gut.  "Hey fat head, do you know where I can find shelter?"  The troll groaned once more.  "Yeah I thought not... Worth a try though, thanks anyway."  

    The White Wizard sighed as he peered out over the trees once more, stretching his vision as far as it would extend, past the trees and the trolls until finally he caught a glimpse of a stone monument.  A castle as old as the hills, from a time that was forgotten.  "This place has always been inhabited by monsters... why is there a castle here?"  He questioned the structures existence, since to his knowledge Fat Monsterland had always been a land of monsters, with no human inhabitants.  At least that's what the history books of Fiore said.  Only strong mages ever ventured in to these lands, and vary rarely for the purpose of exploring.  It stood to reason that there could have been a human civilization before the monsters came.  Shuhei decided not to question it any further and simply be grateful that such a place existed to serve as a temporary shelter to keep him safe from the Fat monsters of Fat Monsterland, if only for a night.  Quickly, he leaped from the troll and in a flash of light, vanished from his position and traveled at Light speed toward the castle.  


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