Mice and Mage Number 2! (Decayuss)


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    Mice and Mage Number 2! (Decayuss)

    Post by Decayuss on 8th February 2015, 3:42 pm

    Job Information:

    Job: Mice and Mage!
    Rank: Rank D
    Player Requirements: Min of 2 member and max of 5 member, Rank of D or higher, min 150 word per post, min of 5 posts per player.
    Job Requirements: must have at least one rank D mage, don't wreck the house. Remove or kill all the mice within the house.
    Location: Oak Town
    Description: Mice are taking over a lovely couples house. They are crawling throughout the house and around 10 mice a day can be seen scurrying about. They need help in getting rid of them and making sure that they won't return.
    Prize: 500 jewels per member. No reward if the house is damaged.

    "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! GODDAMNIT! I! STILL! CAN'T! CALM! DOWN!" Deniel got back from yet another job that involved taking care of a baby. And he was still a little to anxious. He didn't know what the Hell was wrong with him. He had already done three jobs in a row, all D rank ones. They temporarily releived him of his hyperactive nature, but he was still in a craving mood for more. More. He needed more. "Uhhh...Deniel. Why don't you take a more challenging job, then? Like an A rank?" Deniel paced back and forth as he shuffled between more job sheets. "Challenging! A rank!? Hah! Those weren't challenging! Shine Like The Moon. That was a temporal challenge. Hardest A rank job out there, though. The REST OF THEM WOULD BE BORING! THEY'RE ALL BORING! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! I'M NOT GETTING THAT THRILL ANYMORE, NIDHOGG!" Deniel had been thinking about it ever since he got back, as hard as it was to believe, but he figured out why he was being so energetic. It had been a while since he had a real and true challenge. Everything else was too easy for him. Jobs he went on by himself or with team mates. They were all too easy. And plus they burned up too much time. D rank jobs gave him the same old tiny bit of thrill that A ranks did, and they were much faster. So why not just burn through all of them? Deniel picked out a job that he had also done before. Something called Mice and Mage. A really dumb title, but it was a really simple and dumb job, too. Kill a bunch of mice. Why in the world would people need mages to do something as simple as that, anyway? "Honestly, are people out there in the world THAT lazy and irresponsible?" Whatever the case was, Deniel just needed to head to Oak Town to get this job done. So...once again...late at night...he ran out of his room...and used his Take over. Deniel decided that this would be his last job for today, at least. Tomorrow would be another question. As Deniel flew, he once again found himself getting a little bit anxious and jittery over nothing. Hew flew in random patterns, did random loops and things such as that, and overall it was just a weird trip for him. Oak Town was quite the distance away, but his awkward flying prolonged the trip quite a bit more than what it would normally take.

    While all of this was going on, Nidhogg was getting really worried for Deniel's mental state. Sure, he was quite the angry person, depressed, or things like that, but that was normal from what Deniel had been through. In fact, Nidhogg thought Deniel was lucky he wasn't completely emotionally unstable, suicidal, or just a plain old psychopath. Not to mention his negative emotions seemed to have been fading as he matured. But something like this...now that was really weird. This was the first time Nidhogg had seen Deniel so out of control. it was almost like Deniel had developed an addition to the thrill of battle, and now he had an insatiable hunger. "This isn't good..." the sword throught to himself, "His brain is no longer giving him the feeling that he loves. I fear what will happen if he never receives it." Deniel arrived in Oak Town, and once he did, he de-activated his Take Over once more. He found the address which had requested the job for Deniel, or anyone else, to do. Deniel knocked on the door, and barged right past the person who answered it. They had seen him before, and knew what he was capable of. in a matter of moments, Deniel went all throughout the house, stabbing and impaling each mice on his sword to impale every last one of them on it. Deniel went from one, two, three, four, five, six....seven! And then eight. It took him a while to find number nine, but at long last, he got lucky number ten! Deniel grabbed his payment and walked right out. Without hesitating, Deniel got in his White Angel Form with the mice still impaled on his sword. Then he flew over Oak Town, dropping them one at a time. He didn't knwo where they were going to land, but he didn't care. It was a mischevious thought. "Heheheheheh." Deniel once again flew back to Eclipse Soul where he could get some sleep, and then continue this goddamn job spree tomorrow. If he could sleep.


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