Castle Half-Breed journey(Add/Alyia)


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    Castle Half-Breed journey(Add/Alyia)

    Post by Add on 24th January 2015, 11:53 am

    Outer City"
    Add had entered into the portals, after being chased by people after the people learned he was a demon, he ended up with a girl in his hand after he entered the portal as it closed and he saw a giant castle far away and a city in front of him.

    Add put the girl down as people cam and scanned their bodies and said,"Oh good, half breeds, now, come with us and we set you two up with a home together." Add looked at the girl beside him as he saw on the radar that she was half angel as Add said,"No, she just appeared, ill stay here." Add looked at the girl and said,"I think you need to stay here, so you don't get hurt trying to leave." Add walked towards a panel and jumped on it as he appeared in a neighbor hood as peoplecame and showered Add with greetings.

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