The view of her burning home (Escape from the Warzone)



    The view of her burning home (Escape from the Warzone)

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    Job Info:
    Job Title: Escape from the Warzone (L'Acadamie Normandie survivors only)
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: This job is set 4 years prior to any threads made in Fiore and thus does not require a passport (any other jobs taken in Minstrel will still require a passport). 1 mage only, with exception only to characters who are siblings.  Requires a minimum of 10 posts and at least 200 words per post. Monster Dice must be rolled at least once.

    Job Requirements: Fight your way out of Normandie in Minstrel, get to the port and head to Fiore.
    Job Location: Minstrel

    Job Description:

    You return from a routine job to find that your home, L'Acadamie Normandie one of the greatest magical academies in Earthland and home to countless powerful wizards and witches, has been completely destroyed. Before you get time to grieve or even properly register what has happened you realise that the ones responsible for destroying the academy are headed your way. You have no choice; Fight off anyone who tries to stop you, get out of Normandie via the nearest port and head to Fiore.

    Weak: Civilians (x3) - Exactly what the name suggests, the civilian is a regular member of the public who is enraged at the academy and is determined to wipe it from existence. You're still alive, and thus you are the next target. Civilians attack with a variety of makeshift weaponry ranging from frying pans to pitchforks to cheap swords. They deal D-rank damage if they hit you but due to them being untrained in anything battle related they will struggle to deal with you very well. They require 1 D-rank spell to defeat.

    Normal: Thugs (x3) and Civilians (x5) -Along with the Civilians above, you also face a pair of thugs who are a little more organised. Either expelled or rejected from the academy, or hailing from another academy, these guys joined the attack on L'Acadamie Normandie purely to make a statement that they were better than the academies members. Their magic varies (thus is up to you what they use so long as it's an offensive magic) but they always deal D-rank damage and they're highly accurate with it. They require 2 D-rank spells to defeat.

    Strong: Cultists, Thugs (x4) and Civilians (x8) - Now you're in trouble. Along with a group of Thugs and Civilians, you now have a Cultist in charge of them. There are many things that can start a civil war. In this case it was started by a cult who worship Ignis, the God of Fire, Sacrifice and War. These guys are incredibly dangerous fire-wielders who will stop at nothing in order to ensure their God is followed. Their fire magic is erratic and inaccurate, but powerful, dealing C-rank damage with every hit. They require 4 D-rank spells to take down.

    Boss: Cultists (x2), Thugs (x7) and Civilians (x11) - Just when you think things couldn't get worse...they get worse. You are now surrounded by a whole group of Ignis followers. You have no choice but to fight as many of them off as you can before you flee Minstrel. You must defeat at least 15 of the enemies before you can break clear of them.


    25 EXP and 500 Jewels

    Bonus reward - if you defeat a total of 20 enemies then you earn triple D-rank experience.


    Re: The view of her burning home (Escape from the Warzone)

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    Hiita's face was the epitome of happiness right now as she walked back towards L'Acadamie Normandie. She'd been sent out on her first assignment for the academy and had succeeded in glorious fashion, being given a letter that spoke of her in high regard following her hard work. To make such a good impression on her first assignment would surely be a massive thank you to all those at the academy. The tutors hadn't just taught her afterall. They had raised her. Having been left on their doorstep fourteen years ago, the tutors took the pinkette in as their own, raising her and teaching her respect, self-discipline and, most importantly, magic. As such, Hiita had put all of her efforts into helping the academy make a name for itself, working under some of the greatest mages the academy had produced - including Atha, Atma and Porthos, fast becoming three of the greatest mages in the whole of Minstrel.

    Hiita remained lost in thought as she imagined how the tutors would react, all the while taking small bites out of a spiced apple she'd bought for herself as a personal reward. But as she turned the final corner before she would arrive at the gates she froze completely in shock at what she could see before her.

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    Re: The view of her burning home (Escape from the Warzone)

    Post by NPC on 15th November 2014, 7:56 am

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    Re: The view of her burning home (Escape from the Warzone)

    Post by Guest on 15th November 2014, 8:06 am

    Her hand lowered from her mouth and the apple fell to the ground, rolling a foot away from her before coming to a rest. Hiita's eyes widened in horror, her mind unable to register or understand what had happened in her absence. L'Acadamie Normandie was...gone. The towering school that had once been her home was now a burning, smouldering pile of rubble on the ground. Smoke billowed out to the heavens as the skies began to darken, giving the view an ominous orange glow for a time. Hiita had little time to react to this sight before she heard voices nearby.

    "HEY! Over there, there's another one!" a voice called out.
    "Get them! None can be allowed to live!" another voice shouted.
    Footsteps could be heard as a group of would be attackers began their offence, their feet landing in time with the pounding of Hiita's heart which she could now hear resounding in her head. In the brief second she pushed all thoughts of mourning aside and turned to face the offenders with a look of sheer malice. Her hands lowered to her legs and, in a matter of seconds, her guns were in her hands and raised out in front of her, each of them firing a bullet and hitting two of the men in the head, their lives extinguished before they hit the ground.

    HP: 100%
    MP: 100%

    Enemies Defeated: 2 Civilians
    Enemies Remaining: 3 Thugs and 3 Civilians

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    Re: The view of her burning home (Escape from the Warzone)

    Post by Guest on 15th November 2014, 8:17 am

    Even with two of their numbers down the remaining offenders continued to attack Hiita, against their better judgement. The thugs slowed down slightly however as they began to prepare their magic, leaving the three civilians to attack Hiita in close range. Once again Hiita fired her bullets, this time more in desperation as they got closer to her. Two of the civilian's fell to the ground, one of them having been shot in the shoulder, writhing around on the floor in agony while the other had been shot in the chest and was unmoving.

    The third civilian was more fortunate as he reached his target, causing Hiita to quickly manoeuvering to dodge the melee strike from his hunting knife. This momentary lapse of offence however led to a lightning bolt flying through the air and striking her as she righted herself, throwing the gunslinger off her feet and onto the ground a few feet away. She pushed herself to a seated position and quickly gripped her guns again, rolling clear of the other two incoming spells before jumping back to her feet, staggering slightly out of sheer shock and indeed the force of the spell.

    "For the sake of Ignis you cannot be suffered to live. Lay down now and accept your fate, child."

    HP: 90%
    MP: 100%

    Enemies Defeated: 4 Civilians
    Enemies Remaining: 3 Thugs and 1 Civilian

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