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by Victoria Sheridan
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by Calathes
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by Elvira Arcade
No new posts   Flames of the Past [Exam | Kite] 11Narumi252avatarView latest post on 19th October 2018, 09:04
by Kite Wilhelm
No new posts   A Walk In The Past (Job w/Demi) 3Cirven135avatarView latest post on 17th September 2018, 03:49
by Demi
No new posts   Take To The Sky.;; Open. 6Pandora122avatarView latest post on 9th September 2018, 04:48
by Rosabell
No new posts   Mischievous Imps [Job/Solo] 16Nessa Cordelia Lux154avatarView latest post on 1st July 2018, 06:02
by Nessa Cordelia Lux
No new postsPrivate   Reforming Bonds 2Demi156avatarView latest post on 29th June 2018, 05:11
by Demi
No new posts   [B-rank Exam] A Blazing Coming of Age! 10Aura334avatarView latest post on 25th June 2018, 00:58
by Imai-chi
No new posts   Creatures From The Depths [Dungeon] 0MarkusEldridge93avatarView latest post on 23rd June 2018, 13:40
by MarkusEldridge
No new posts   The Weight of the World 

[ Taking Down the Mechanical Giant | Lilium | Job ]

8Terith429avatarView latest post on 9th May 2018, 11:25
by Lilium
No new posts   Interception Sabotage (Solo) 0HirokoD89avatarView latest post on 22nd March 2018, 08:02
by HirokoD
No new posts   Interception Sabotage [Solo]  0Arianna83avatarView latest post on 11th December 2017, 11:53
by Arianna
No new posts   Interception (Solo Job) 10Nimue Blackwood110avatarView latest post on 11th December 2017, 10:57
by Nimue Blackwood
No new posts   What a great way to meet someone. [Job w/ Terith] 15Hero Yamamoto589avatarView latest post on 22nd October 2017, 00:39
by Hero Yamamoto
No new posts   The Most Dangerous Game 

Job w/ Fluffy

0Baobhan155avatarView latest post on 8th September 2017, 08:49
by Baobhan
No new postsCompleted   First Step Forward 

[Character Job: Cirven/Ruvel]

10Ruvel271avatarView latest post on 5th September 2017, 08:49
by Ruvel
No new posts   Impish Ire;; Job w Strawberry 7Fluffy208avatarView latest post on 21st July 2017, 18:30
by Strawberry
No new posts   Hunting Imps [Job/Jozuma] 

Job: Mischievous Imps

1, 2
27LerotheRabbit491avatarView latest post on 27th June 2017, 14:03
by Jozuma
No new posts   The pirate and the violist  

Private: Julius Seas and Elyx Reiaki

1Julius Seas258avatarView latest post on 22nd May 2017, 01:43
by King Elyx
No new posts   The Beginning of the End [B-Rank Exam] 

it's over isn't it?

2Lilium234avatarView latest post on 20th May 2017, 03:54
by Yazuki Yoshino
No new posts   Cosmic Embodiment [Aura] 4Imai-chi364avatarView latest post on 4th May 2017, 02:42
by Imai-chi
No new posts   The Precipice of Resurgence 23Seryth Essora437avatarView latest post on 30th April 2017, 18:19
by Raiza
No new posts   Ignition [Job | Magna] 1, 231Kiru716avatarView latest post on 5th April 2017, 17:48
by Shard
No new posts   Searching for Someone, or Something (closed) 13Shipping Goddess258avatarView latest post on 18th March 2017, 03:32
by Yazuki Yoshino
No new posts   Everyone has their own snowflake;; private yuzuki. 8Pandora273avatarView latest post on 3rd March 2017, 07:14
by Pandora
No new posts   Zeno's Secondary Training : Harness the Crimson Rage. 23Arz407avatarView latest post on 28th February 2017, 15:29
by Arz
No new posts   The Lone Wolf and The Statue of Life 


3Lucien Malakai215avatarView latest post on 28th February 2017, 14:09
by Yazuki Yoshino
No new posts   I Am Your God: Yazuki's B Rank Exam 7Jiyu Kazehime228avatarView latest post on 28th February 2017, 10:27
by Yazuki Yoshino
No new posts   Come and Go: The Storm Continues 

Social (Please ask permission to join)

1, 2
28Yazuki Yoshino656avatarView latest post on 26th February 2017, 00:16
by Shouri Ishiki
No new posts   Chase The Muffin Man;; Job 0Pandora216avatarView latest post on 25th February 2017, 06:25
by Pandora
No new posts   You Know My Name, Not My Story [Private: Yazuki Yoshino] 9Guest296avatarView latest post on 24th February 2017, 09:52
by Yazuki Yoshino
No new posts   Duel of the Storm (Duel/ Yazuki Yoshino & Aera Tylidae) 2Lilim257avatarView latest post on 19th February 2017, 17:21
by Lilim
No new posts   Scars Run Deep... Fated To Change 

Closed Social

9Yazuki Yoshino383avatarView latest post on 18th February 2017, 05:16
by Karin Sørensen
No new posts   He's Gone....Right? [Arz/Yazuki] [Social] 5Arz277avatarView latest post on 17th February 2017, 09:31
by Yazuki Yoshino
No new posts   New life (closed social) 3Edwin Vancleef289avatarView latest post on 13th February 2017, 15:02
by Yazuki Yoshino
No new posts   This is How it all Started...  

Origins of the Thunder Demon Slayer

0Yazuki Yoshino309avatarView latest post on 10th February 2017, 07:42
by Yazuki Yoshino
No new posts   A Mystery in the Canyon (Moto, Meletzo, Kusanagi) 6Gisen Ceostra455avatarView latest post on 11th January 2017, 10:35
by Kusanagi
No new posts   Fucked Up Machines [Job/Solo] 21Valeria424avatarView latest post on 23rd November 2016, 05:57
by King Elyx
No new posts   Two Scythes Cross In The Night(Social, Aera) 3Hayden Infinis243avatarView latest post on 3rd November 2016, 02:54
by Lilim
No new postsPrivate   Imp Slaughterhouse 

[Job of Zar Valarblood and Evelyn Rose]

17Zar Valarblood356avatarView latest post on 11th October 2016, 06:23
by Zar Valarblood
No new posts   It's a Gundam! [Solo Job] 

Taking Down the Mechanical Giant [A Rank]

1Anastasia Isayev333avatarView latest post on 5th October 2016, 05:07
by Anastasia Isayev
No new posts   Mischievous Imps [Job] 

w/ Zoey Walker

22Noheme473avatarView latest post on 4th October 2016, 23:56
by Mary Bonny
This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.   Imps...always causing trouble (Kaisto and Astrid Job) 1, 231Caelum Pendragon801avatarView latest post on 23rd August 2016, 13:04
by Madame Astrid
No new posts   Devil May Cry: DJIIN [Job | Leila] 21akashi597avatarView latest post on 2nd August 2016, 05:34
by akashi
No new posts   Imp hunting! (KTH and Blues Coldsummer) 2Julius Seas400avatarView latest post on 29th July 2016, 06:07
by Julius Seas
No new posts   Fangs and Teeth: Despair vs Mashyuu 2redheadedstepchild344View latest post on 1st July 2016, 03:33
by redheadedstepchild
No new posts   Odio a diablillos... || Mischevious Imps job  9Karin Sørensen371avatarView latest post on 30th June 2016, 17:27
by Irina Naginata
No new posts   Nothing Left Behind [Private] 22King Elyx527avatarView latest post on 26th June 2016, 07:56
by King Elyx
No new posts   Beneath the Surface [Faeral's secondary training] 0Rohma284avatarView latest post on 10th June 2016, 16:16
by Rohma
No new posts   Mashyuu vs Fred Vs Yukki: Measuring stick. 12redheadedstepchild400View latest post on 7th June 2016, 00:13
by redheadedstepchild
No new posts   Tex VS Imps one side will win 13Nadarr330View latest post on 19th May 2016, 14:03
by Nadarr
No new posts   Spirit, Soul, and Steel [Private, Dmitry/Niyol] 7Benjamin398View latest post on 14th May 2016, 18:05
by Ninetails Derpfox
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